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UNSOLVED: One specific book > juvenile fantasy fiction, cinderella-like girl whos adoptive parents die and she gets sent to a boarding school and meets a girl called sarah

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ef. (februerik) | 4 comments (definite spoilers)

i've been looking for this book and trying to remember the title for probably as long as i've read it, which was around 2010-2012, it was from my primary school library.

from my memory, though it might be wrong, the cover was yellow, with the 2 main characters in the story lying down in opposite directions.

main characters:
- a girl who seems to have like a cinderella life story and also personality
- sarah, her bestfriend whom she met in the school
other characters:
- bartholomew, cinderella-girl's adopted dad but is actually sarah's real dad
- sarah's mom, who is actually cinderella-girl's real mom

story (i think):
cinderella-girl has 2 lovely adoptive parents, and her father was a teacher in the school(?), but they die somehow, so she goes to live and study in that boarding school. she meets a lot of people, including bestfriend sarah and like this horrid teacher. somehow she gets kicked out of school, and she ends up in a forest, where there are apparently people living in. there she meets bartholomew, and somehow they realise that their father and daughter. but it gets revealed later on that sarah's mom is cinderella-girls real mom and bartholomew is sarah's real dad, and after a bit of conflict they lived happily ever after.

thank you for your help.

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ef. (februerik) | 4 comments *they're

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ef. (februerik) | 4 comments bump please

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Kris | 35335 comments Mod
Please note you can bump your thread (post a comment) every 30+ days, because the group is so large.

If you remember new details, you can add them at any time.

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S (inconspicuouss8) | 65 comments it's been a while since i read this but it could be something similar to Ella Enchanted

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5210 comments I don't see any resemblance to Ella Enchanted. It has some similarities to A Little Princess, but it's not that either.

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