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message 1: by Ann (new)

Ann Werner (writingfool) | 28 comments I'm looking for reviews of my recently released novel the Melt. I can provide an ePub or mobi file. It's available exclusively on Amazon and if you're enrolled in Prime, you can borrow it for free and download it for free if you're enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

Members of the last tribe of reindeer herders discover a body in the melting permafrost of the northern Mongolian steppe, and the virus dubbed the Red Scourge is unleashed on the world. Unaware of the coming pandemic, Rina and Ethan Hampton shop for their first house in Silver Spring, Maryland, a suburb of Washington D.C. After months of searching, they find the perfect place to start their family, with the added bonus of a bomb shelter that Ethan plans to use as his man cave. Their excitement quickly turns to fear when news of the fast-spreading virus and the havoc it is wreaking around the world becomes public. As the news continues to pour in, the couple realizes the virus is unstoppable. They quickly make provision to survive the plague by locking themselves in the shelter. When they emerge after two months of living in the cramped space, ninety-five percent of the world's population is gone. Their neighborhood lies in ruins, destroyed by a massive storm. Body bags filled with the dead are stacked in the parking lots of local hospitals. All around them, unknown dangers lurk, but the worst danger unexpectedly appears, adding to the trauma they've already experienced.

Where do you go when your world comes to an end?

The Melt

message 2: by Kana (new)

Kana Wu (kanawu) | 70 comments Hi Ann,

Your book story is interesting. Are you willing to do the book exchange so we can review each other book and post them in Amazon and Goodreads?
My book is in the Romance Comedy category and it has been honored as a Finalist of the 2020 International Book Award. It is a clean romance story.
Since it isn't in Kindle Unlimited and I don't have the account anyway, I'm willing to buy your book.
So, if you are interested, please let me know. I could be reached at

Thank you and be blessed!

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