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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) (RP ONLY)

Fable 『He will Slay You with His Tongue』 (kawaiifoxhestia) | 488 comments (Can Amara be the head of the Hades cabin since she has been at camp the longest?)

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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) ((I was hoping Samara could, because she was created first 🙏🏽))

Z ||Frypans, who knew!!|| (doyoulikescarymovies_) | 73 comments Rocky comes in and sits down

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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) ((Okay thanks Elena!))

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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) Samara stalks in, in a particularly sour mood. She didn't have many things, everything fit in her backpack. The majority of her items were weapons. She put the few pairs of clothes she owned in her drawer, put her notebook on her desk, and got to work organizing her weapon supply.
Her waistbelt held her 4 throwing knives. The one she had thrown at the stupid kid was borrowed from camp, so she didn't care. She put her ebony bow and arrow, her spear, and her axe in the closet. She didn't own a trident or staff, so she practiced those at camp.

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((change of plans, wedding is today, please get ready and go to the beach and sit down.))

Z ||Frypans, who knew!!|| (doyoulikescarymovies_) | 73 comments Rocky came in and got dressed for the wedding

and went to the beach Jaden was her date

Z ||Frypans, who knew!!|| (doyoulikescarymovies_) | 73 comments Rocky changed and fell asleep

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