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message 1: by Gary (last edited Aug 19, 2020 04:27PM) (new)

Gary | 1472 comments Maybe I'm not seeing the whole plot, but I don't get how these things are supposed to lead to matrimony. I'm not sure how #33 "carry a hatbox" would work.

Kid: How'd you meet gramma, pops?

Old Man: Well, sonny, once I saw her hatbox, I knew she was the one....

Besides, it seems to me the whole thing could also be titled: "129 ways to wind up chained to a bedpost in some freak's basement" with just as much veracity.

Hopefully, the other 101 are more direct:

message 2: by Gary (new)

Gary | 1472 comments Wait! I found more. Here's the the intro & first bits:

Apparently this is from McCalls in 1958.

message 3: by Yoly (new)

Yoly (macaruchi) | 795 comments All these seem like they were taken from an article on The Onion.
#28 seems to me like too much work just to find a husband.

Oh man this list is sad. I'm just happy I was not around in 1958. What should we title this? "A sad woman's guide to getting herself a man?" 🤣

"Ask your friends' husbands who the eligible men are in their offices"!!!

message 4: by Gary (new)

Gary | 1472 comments I think #35 "Make a lot of money" has to be the most interesting. Kind of a top-spin lob of that whole "bag a man" issue. Looking for a man? Well, go out and get rich, honey. Because that's a thing you can just do.... Plus, the Feminism! Yay!

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