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message 1: by DauntlessGG (new)

DauntlessGG | 18 comments Mod
Hello! My name is Daunt. I am from Scotland. I have a 1 daughter, 5 pets and a few too many books!

I love Thrillers, Fantasy, Light Sci fi and contemporary books for both YA and Adult.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

message 2: by Irene (last edited Aug 19, 2020 10:07PM) (new)

Irene (sorrieah) | 1 comments Mod
Hi everyone! I'm Irene, Sorrieah, or Lady Noom. I've been reading my whole life but have never been in a book club! Looking forward to this new experience.

I live in South East Queensland in Australia with my husband, and we have two cats, two birds, and assorted fish. Most of my books are in boxes at my parents' house, but there are still plenty here and I love the library! I mainly read fantasy or historical fiction, though I'm also fond of sci-fi and have a weakness for mysteries, though I've been trying to broaden my reading with books out of my usual genres. :)

message 3: by Fevvers (new)

Fevvers (belettepeu) | 3 comments Hi I’m Fevvers! I live in Scotland and have a little kitten called Cricket. I have always loved reading (though always think I never read enough!). My favourite genre is fantasy but recently I have been trying to broaden this a bit and have been enjoying some contemporary fiction as well as some thrillers and mysteries.

message 4: by Lucsly (last edited Aug 21, 2020 05:22AM) (new)

Lucsly | 5 comments Hi, I can often be found lurking in Tugboet's channel, I am known there as Scordatura. Huge fan of SF/Fantasy, I read a lot of history as well, some literature (though I keep finding stories told within genre novels much more riveting), but eager to read outside of those genres as well.

I also love the idea of this book club and am happy to help the mods out, where needed, if I can be of help.

*Edit: more information

message 5: by RonanRaven (last edited Aug 20, 2020 03:26PM) (new)

RonanRaven | 1 comments I'm RonanRaven, been around The Nook a little bit.
I listen to audiobooks, so I may or may not be able to join in the reading.
I've done a lot less reading since Covid-19, the last book I finished was The Count of Monte Cristo. Prior to that, I read the Cosmere and am waiting Brandon Sanderson's next book in the Stormlight Archive.

message 6: by Digital Neet (new)

Digital Neet | 2 comments Hi, i'm Tyler aka DigitalNeet, I have 1 cat.

I read mostly Sci-fi and Fantasy but I also like thrillers and occasionally romance. I'd like to expand the variety of genres I read, I just have a hard time finding books I like.

Thanks for starting up this book club, i've never been a part of one before so I am excited.

message 7: by Noom_tv (new)

Noom_tv | 4 comments Hi I'm Noom (or Rohan), yeah like in LOTR...
LOTR was my bed-time story when I was young and I read it on my own at around 10 years old. We had a gigantic hard cover with the full trilogy in it and I carried it with me everywhere.
I love fantasy adventure and really fell in love with reading when I discovered Raymond Feist.
My most recent series was Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson though I've not picked up anything in a while.
Looking forward to checking out all of your recomendations!

message 8: by Darryl (new)

Darryl Kerr | 1 comments Hello! my name is Darryl, I have two kids and a pet bunny. I live in Northern Ireland.

I mostly read Fantasy, Horror, sci-fi, and adventure but I will read anything that has a good story and characters. I'm reading a lot of Stephen King this past while and loving his books.

message 9: by LeFey (new)

LeFey | 1 comments Hello! I'm LeFey and live in the US (Ohio) with my three cats. I'm a fairly avid read, but have always stuck to Fantasy. I'm really excited at the opportunity get exposure to, and potentially start regularly reading more of, the different types of books/genres I haven't really read before.

message 10: by splendidchina (new)

splendidchina | 1 comments Hello, I'm SplendidChina or Ashley. I live in Canada with my two cats. I used to be a voracious reader, but in the past couple years I've slowed down significantly due to life getting in the way.

My guilty pleasure is reading those trashy three dollar romance novels that they base those Netflix TV series off of. I love sci fi and high fantasy novels but will read just about anything.

message 11: by Kimosabe (new)

Kimosabe | 2 comments Hi, I'm Kimo, some of you might know me from Daunt's channel

I've been reading a decent amount over the years, on and off as the mood strikes. Mostly I read high fantasy but I've also read historical books, thrillers, sci-fi etc; A good book is a good book after all.

I've never been part of a book club (or had an account here) but curious to see other people's ideas :)

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