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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA book about a school prankster who ruins his schools boring play by flooding the audience with silly string and fake snakes and such.

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Ari | 1 comments So this is a book I read in the third grade, (around 2014) and it’s about a boy who loves to prank everyone, usually scary stuff. His teacher hated him because he loved the kids mom, and at the end of the book he ruined the school play with his greatest prank by flooding the place with fake snakes and silly string and such. The book starts with him being “sick” and a monster popping out of his stomach, “scaring” his mom. Then there’s a diagram on how to do it. I think his name was Timmy bucket? Or Timmothy? The book was orange and had like a green slime look at the bottom, or something like that. If someone knows please tell me!! One of my favorite childhood books (and the sequel with a roller coaster) and I would love to buy it and read it again. Also pretty sure the name of the book was his name, and had the word “bucket” in it. I’m also pretty sure after his name it says “monster maker” or something. I’m looking online right now and have been for a while, but if you know please respond. The cover is him in a cape with long fake fingers and I think Dracula teeth, orange background. Any help is appreciated!

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Rainbowheart | 19571 comments George Brown, Class Clown?

Super Burp! is the first book in the series.

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