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message 1: by Valentina (new)

Valentina Apicella | 2 comments Hey everyone, just wanted to express my opinion.
Imagine growing up, like me, in a family where ur dad always tells u that women should stay home cooking and taking care of their families. It hurts u know, he always says that when something happens, and it’s a woman’s fault. I’ve been thinking about it all the time. Ive started getting like interested in feminism. What can I say? I’m glad i found this group. I’m glad I found this app. I finally found myself. These readings have helped me a lot during this difficult time. I read an article about the feminism in italy. That’s the truth. Women are paid 34% less than men. Why does it happen? Just coz ur a woman right? Just coz u don’t have a man’s body? Just coz u were born in a female body. That’s ridiculous. I also thought that someone should do something here, things should change. It’s not possible. Italy should have a feminist organisation without being underestimated. But it’s actually something that I’m sure won’t happen just coz people thinks here’s genders equality. But it’s not true. U can’t do another kind of job, u can’t walk alone coz u’ll get hurt coz ur a woman. I really wanna do something, I really wanna things to change, I really wanna see genders equality all over the world, I really wanna see A REAL CHANGE. But how? How can I do this when no one takes me seriously, just coz I’m a 14 years old girl. Yh k I’m really young and I haven’t learned a lots of things yet. But I wanna give my contribution, I wanna tell people that even if I’m young, I’m more mature than others and that when I grow up I’ll do something. I can’t see women being treated that way. Everyone should think about that. Do u want to see things change? Is It really worth it? Just take a minute, free ur mind and think about what is right.

message 2: by Pam (new)

Pam | 1070 comments Mod
Sameet Zahoor wrote: "What are you talking about?"

Sameet, Valentina is talking about feminism in her country of Italy.

I ask that you add to the conversation instead of merely commenting on it. If you have questions, feel free to send me a private message (PM).


message 3: by Carolina (new)

Carolina | 1 comments Hey,
I absolutely agree with you Valentina. I also am a teenager (a bit older than you, I'm 16) living in Italy and a feminist. I hate the fact that almost everyone thinks that there is gender equality in Italy, even if, as you said, we are far from it. Of course there are countries where women are considered even less than here, but pay gap is a huge issue as well as "quote rosa" (in my opinion). I hate the fact that I can't walk alone in my city without having fear or not having a good representation of women in politics. In our country we have bigger problems, of course, but I want to ear a candidate talking about gender inequality, maternity and other issues (as IVA on tampons and pads, for example...). I definitely want to see things change, and it's absolutely worth it for me. I'm trying to do something with an organization in my school, but everyone underestimated us, underestimate the problem. I'm also a volunteer for a big organization, that talks and spread awareness about feminist, but it's not their main mission. As you I want to see a big organization or political party that talks about this issues, but unfortunately I haven'f found one yet (do you know any?). I'm glad you shared your opinion in this platform, I'm glad to ear that I'm not alone, that another young women wants to fight for what's right. Thanks for your time. Feel free to send me a private message if you want to talk.

- Carolina

message 4: by Elle (last edited Aug 23, 2020 06:49AM) (new)

Elle  | 5 comments Valentina wrote: "Hey everyone, just wanted to express my opinion.
Imagine growing up, like me, in a family where ur dad always tells u that women should stay home cooking and taking care of their families. It hurt..."

"Imagine growing up, like me, in a family where ur dad always tells u that women should stay home cooking and taking care of their families". I totally get you. I come from a Hispanic and Italian background myself and both sides were like this when I was growing up. I was born in 1982 but their old ways never settled well with my mom or dad and thank goodness our parents raised us differently.

Valentina, I think it's great you want to change things, not only in your country but in the world. Most 14-year-old girls today don't care about these things so I applaud you for doing so.

message 5: by Laura (new)

Laura Engelhardt Do not despair! The first step is recognizing what needs to change & then to find safe ways to create a more equal place for yourself. Then for others in your home, your community, your country, your planet.

Right now, just making the decision NOT to adopt the limitations the people you love wish to put upon you is a step towards equality. You are fortunate that you live in Italy, where you have the legal right to live independently from your family.

Dream big! Opportunity exists! If you do not want to live the life your family plans for you to have, strategize a way to become economically independent so you can have choices free from your father's expectations.

Misogyny has been the predominant force in almost every world culture since B.C.E. But look at the progress made in so many countries in just the past 100 years!!! In your country & mine, women have gained the right to vote! To earn our OWN money and own our property! In my country, a husband is no longer allowed to rape or beat his wife & women can buy birth control. Huge steps towards equality that we've made relatively quickly.

It hurts to realize the people we love don't always see us as their equals, or as fully human. But people do change -- I have seen it happen :) Be true to yourself and know that it is okay to love people who are too limited to see the real you.

message 6: by Musharrat (new)

Musharrat Sarah (musharratkhan) | 2 comments @Valentina Apicella when I read ur comment I felt that I was seeing my mirror. I am also a 14 year old girl from Dhaka,Bangladesh. The situation in my country is also not that good. Besides, in my country poverty is high and rate of education is wayy too low. Although education doesn't change the fact as there are many cases where educated persons even the police who works to eradicate all the injustices doesn't even care when they hear any kind of bad happening happened to a girl. I am not saying that this happens always I just want to say that this happened a few times in my country. My father also doesn't let me go on an excursion, doesn't want me to study n work abroad when I will grow up. But u no what, I even doesn't care about it. It seems that I haven't heard what he has said. I just let him say whatever he like, n dream that I will do whatever I like. I will go where my intelligence n hardwork will reach me. I will just listen to my heart n never gonna spoil my dreams n aim in life just for home cooking n taking care of family. I want to bright just like the sun n prove those people that if a boy can do it a girl can do it, too. They have also got eyes, nose, mouth just like men have. But I must respect that boys n girls are different in some cases. But that really doesn't matter. If someone will say that men has the abilities which girls don't have, that case I will say what Marilyn Monroe has said, Give a girl a pair of shoes and she will conquer the world.

I love equality. That means I love both men and women. Just want to eradicate those injustices nothing else :) As for girls I want to say that stay strong and never give up till its over. Fight when u a man comes towards you with bad intention. Don't dumb yourself. Spread love n humanity cuz the world needs it :-)

message 7: by Musharrat (new)

Musharrat Sarah (musharratkhan) | 2 comments @Sameet Zahoor Well, I am

message 8: by Mia (new)

Mia | 1 comments I 100 percent agree, I live in England but most of my family lives in Italy so I visit a lot and I immediately notice the difference in society's expectations of women and the way we are treated. I'm 15 and until a few years ago I was proud to be Italian and loved my country but recently I started to experience the injustice and found myself wanting to return back to England because I didn't feel safe. When I was younger I always wanted to move to Italy but now I really don't, the thought of having kids and bringing them up in a society like that scares me. Sexism is still a worldwide issue but Italy is a lot further behind, racism and homophobia included, and I do think that it is slowly moving forward but a lot slower. I do try to tell people about the injustice but it doesn't do much use in England. You will have to fight a lot harder to do what you want but remember that you are stronger than all the other men because of it.

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