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message 1: by Kendrya (new)

Kendrya Monique (bibliophilewitch13) | 3 comments Hello, I'm an avid reader and reviewer who has an ever-growing portfolio on reviewed books. I get the word out through numerous social media apps and through the county public libraries, my mother in law is the head of the libraries. YA is my go to, but I will read anything. Any questions feel free to contact me. Thank You!

message 2: by Gail (last edited Aug 18, 2020 09:15AM) (new)

Gail Olmsted | 19 comments I write contemporary fiction with a focus on romance and relationships. Let me know if you are interested in reviewing any of them. In Guessing at Normal, my main character Jill is 21 at the beginning of the book, fyi.

message 3: by R.D. (new)

R.D. Pires (rdpires) | 4 comments Hi Kendrya!

I'm publishing an LGBT+ general fiction novel in October! It's about a man traveling across the US with the ghost of his late husband, trying to figure out why his spirit is lingering and how to get him to move on.

I can send you an ARC for it if you're interested in reviewing!

message 4: by Jeanette (new)

Jeanette Rose (fatedloves) | 3 comments Good Afternoon,
I’m a member of a group called In the Pantheon and we recently just published our first anthology through Rewritten Realms. If it works with your schedule we would love if you could review our anthology.

Book Title: Immortal Fears
Authors: Ashley Gallaher Pollard, Renee Christian, CJ Landry, Wayne Davids, Marc Tizura, Aisling MacKay, Rainbow Brubaker, Georgia Moody, Dan Dolan, Jennifer Morton, Alice Callisto, Ember Savage, Tammy Davis, Melody Wingfield, Nikki Crump-Hansted, Melissa Stoddart, Jeanette Rose, Amber Albright, & Michael Z. Ryan.
Book blurb: Twenty authors, twenty gods, twenty stories that will chill, thrill and kill you. The Gods of the Pantheon present their first anthology of halloween stories, the time for Samhain draws near….
Genre: urban fantasy, mythology, horror
Format: mobi, epub, pdf
Publisher: Rewritten Realms August 25, 2020

Let me know if you might be interested in reviewing!
Jeanette Rose

message 5: by Madhu (new)

Madhu (inundatedbybooks) | 7 comments Would love to review you books I post reviews in Amazon, goodreads and Instagram mail me at Ebooks and physical copies are welcomed. Ebooks review will take longer time to review. Physical books are preferred as i post also in my Instagram blog.

message 6: by Gojan (last edited Sep 05, 2020 02:13PM) (new)

Gojan | 12 comments Kendrya:

Have a PDF ARC I'd love to send you for review. Literary / Dark Humor /Psychological Suspense novel set for release November 2020. Here's my GR link:

And Amazon:
- Gojan

message 7: by Dave (new)

Dave Williams | 100 comments Hello Kendrya. I am Dave J. Williams, author of Medieval fantasy Sineria: The Great Kingdom and its sequel Sineria: Age of War. This seems like a great opportunity to bring in some more readers and get them invested into the Sineria series. I'll link the books below.

Thank you and have a great day.

message 8: by Patrick (new)

Patrick J. | 18 comments Hi Kendra,

I am about to release a Queer/LGBTQ+ Horror short story collection (The Other Side of the Closet) in early October if you would like to review (about 31k words, quick read).

The Other Side of the Closet explores the real life nightmares of the LGBTQIA+ community through a bloody and morally twisted lens. A random hookup gone wrong. A gay bar haunted by a dead drag queen. A demented family reunion. A couple who can’t let go.
In his first collection, Patrick J. Kane transports you to a dimension where your darkest insecurities are magnified beyond your control. Where the horrors in your mind have taken shape in front of your very eyes.

Warning: explicit language, sexual situations, body horror, gore

If you are interested, feel free to message me or email at: I'd love to send you a PDF or whatever file format you need and get your thoughts :)

message 9: by Annabelle (new)

Annabelle Lewis | 8 comments Hi Kendra,

I’m searching for reviews for my humorous, mystery revenge caper series. Reminiscent of the Ocean’s 11 movies, romance sneaks in as sting operations unfold, and the cast of devilish evil-doers never see their downfall coming. The Carrows Family Chronicles is a work of contemporary fiction with a mixed genre. At the core, it is a family saga suggested to be read in chronological order.

The books are filled with love, both familial and romantic, as the billionaire family works to balance their enormous power and wealth with their humanity. Throughout the series, the reader will fall in love with the individual members, their kick-ass fashion, their lifestyles, and their dreams, as they attend to their special blend of Carrows business.

I can get you the ebooks for review. Below is a synopsis of the first book of the six published in the series, Charlotte McGee, Book 1 of the Carrows Family Chronicles.

A family of billionaire grifters. A girl seeking true love. A con she didn't see coming.

Beautiful, sensitive Charlotte never fit in her family of American grifters. Determined to make her own way in the world, she sets out for New York City with a new identity, certain no one will discover that she's a Carrows. Wealthy. Powerful. Elite.

With anonymity comes the freedom to love. And to be loved for herself, not her money. She finds that in David Torres, her college boyfriend at NYU. But what will David do once he discovers he's been dating a Carrows? Nothing good.

The heartbreaking devastation that David brings leaves Charlotte estranged from her family and alone. Or so she thinks. With her mother's help, they set out to right a grievous wrong. Can they repair their broken family? Can they bring David to justice?

message 10: by Raina (new)

Raina Ash (raina_ash) | 8 comments Hi! Are you still accepting books to review?

message 11: by Brian (last edited Oct 24, 2020 08:08AM) (new)

Brian O'Hare (brianohare26hotmailcouk) Hi, Kendrya.

Check out my latest mystery thriller here. The Trafficking Murders. Just publised (Oct. 2020)

If it's any interest to you for review, please contact me at and I will send an e-version in whichever format you prefer. Thanks. Brian O'Hare

message 12: by Louise (new)

Louise Bélanger Kendrya wrote: "Hello, I'm an avid reader and reviewer who has an ever-growing portfolio on reviewed books. I get the word out through numerous social media apps and through the county public libraries, my mother ..."

Hi! I wrote a beautiful poetry and photographs book: YOUR WORDS Presently free with KU. Luv for you to give it a read and a review 😊. Thanks!!!

I talk about different life subjects, about my relationship with God and how I turn to Him. Other poems are just beautiful, some are for children. And the photographs complement the writing.

Here is the link to the book trailer:

message 13: by Glen (new)

Glen Blackwell | 20 comments Hi Kendrya

My middle grade book We're Moving Where?! launched last month, initially on Amazon.

It tells the story of Harry, whose parents reveal they are moving to a cabin in the Canadian wilderness with NO INTERNET!!! Harry has to adjust to his whole life being turned upside down and everything that he knows changing.

My website (with a free taster) is and my book on Amazon is here:

I'll happily provide an ARC copy if you were interested in reviewing it for me.



message 14: by Alexander (last edited May 08, 2021 03:43PM) (new)

Alexander | 90 comments Hello Kendrya,
My name is Alexander, and I am looking for anyone interested in reviewing my first in what I hope to be a long series of sci-fi stories. Prime Vanguard: Book 1 of the Trans-Stellar Chronicles.

I welcome any interested reviewers, and I can send pdf or mobi files of review copies, or I can go the extra mile and get a physical copy shipped to you, no charge on either count.

See the synopsis below, thank you.

Prime Vanguard, book 1 of the Trans-Stellar Chronicles
113,000 words

In 3512, a probe mapping an uncharted system is disabled, its last recordings revealing an artificial-ringed planet and strange masses surrounding both its stars. Amidst wariness of how easily First Contact events between species turn awry, a secret and hasty expedition is mounted with the mothership of the lost probe.

Assigned as its security commander, Shakrii Dehn-Herensk accompanies the mixed crew to the system, where signs of a much greater power prove daunting, catalyzing tensions within the crew on all fronts.

Things only worsen with the emergence of a pair of machine factions, servants of an ancient colonization effort by a power seemingly delayed, perhaps dead. Soon, revelations ignite a conflict thousands of years in the making, the costs of which Shakrii and the crew cannot under any circumstances let spill beyond the system.


Out on Amazon for over 2 months now, 2 reviews so far [Goodreads, 1 and 1], many dozens having bought it so far.

Amazon link:

message 15: by Alexander (new)

Alexander | 90 comments Winston wrote: "Alexander wrote: "Hello Kendrya,
My name is Alexander, and I am looking for anyone interested in reviewing my first in what I hope to be a long series of sci-fi stories. Prime Vanguard: Book 1 of t..."

Evidently not including you. By the way, Extortion is a crime.

message 16: by Alexander (new)

Alexander | 90 comments Normally I'd post a review request here, but as I've done it before, I'll instead warn you all that there's a spate of online discussion group trolls on the prowl.
It correlates with a series of users receiving a phishing/extortionate email threatening goodreads and other review site bombings unless a payment is made, and the email itself was laughably unsubtle and imprecise as to where and whom the payment might be made. Likely this has become obvious by other threads, but it bears repeating that trolling is pathetic, and EXTORTION is a crime.
I'm calling out these users with no profile pictures and private locked accounts, as suspects, likely a mere ripple atop an ocean of hateful individuals.
Mary [Mary R on profile]
Danette Sandoval
Winston Prendergast

message 17: by Alexander (new)

Alexander | 90 comments Mark wrote: "Alexander wrote: "Hello Kendrya,
My name is Alexander, and I am looking for anyone interested in reviewing my first in what I hope to be a long series of sci-fi stories. Prime Vanguard: Book 1 of t..."

Takes a spammer to know a spammer.
At least I'm not dispatching threatening emails...

message 18: by Alexander (new)

Alexander | 90 comments To everyone here, just issuing a heads up warning, the same troll-hordes likely behind the ineffectual extortion attempts of May 10th are back, and what's more embarrassing is that many are using even more obvious copy-pasted reviews or comments disparaging works or posts or the like.
Be aware that those emails have been tracked and government organizations have been alerted by me and other authors affected, the FBI included, and are pursuant of these criminals.

message 19: by Patience (new)

Patience Bramlett (patiencebramlett) | 25 comments Want to get advanced copies of upcoming Christian Fiction releases? Join the CKN Publishing Street Team below! 👇

message 20: by Arcadian (new)

Arcadian Barrett (a_nathair) | 13 comments I'd like to throw my fantasy novel in the running! It's coming out November 19th of this year. I have PDF/epub/mobi available at the moment. Here's the summary:

Since its inception, the Kingdom of Camoor has been led by warrior Queens who would do anything to keep Camoor on the path towards its destiny, waging wars of conquest to bring civilization to the rest of their continent.

Princess Malia Ausan cares only about two things: her military prowess and her elf girlfriend. The idealistic heir to the throne, she’s fiercely protective, competitive, and loyal. But that fierce loyalty will be questioned when the Queen hands down punishment by sending her out on her Expedition years early and in disgrace. Her Expedition takes her through the newly conquered Nadun as they head to the Uncharted Territory the kingdom is at war with. Under the guidance of the Kingdom’s cruelest general, Malia learns some hard truths about the Kingdom and her own past.

message 21: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Garland | 129 comments Kendrya wrote: "Hello, I'm an avid reader and reviewer who has an ever-growing portfolio on reviewed books. I get the word out through numerous social media apps and through the county public libraries, my mother ..."

Hi, I am looking for Amazon reviews for my collection called The Red Grouse Tales. This comprises four novellas, speculative or magical realism in nature, with a dash of philosophy and religion thrown into the mix. I’ll let a reviewer talk for me,

“The four stories in the Red Grouse tales were as entertaining as they were charming, and overall a really fun read. The different narrators of the stories I felt gave each tale a unique nature, and they felt quite different to each other. I read this through once myself and then read it over a number of sittings to a (reasonably) young relative and he enjoyed it just as much as I had. This would also make a good candidate for a book club as many issues for discussion are thrown up in each of the four stories.”

Here followeth the various links:-
Here on Goodreads; The Red Grouse Tales
My author page;
Amazon US;
Amazon UK;
Amazon CA;
Amazon AUS;
My website;

I’ll happily provide a free Pdf or mobi file to any reviewer who is prepared to post their review on Amazon. Please message me.

message 22: by Glen (new)

Glen Blackwell | 20 comments Kendrya wrote: "Hello, I'm an avid reader and reviewer who has an ever-growing portfolio on reviewed books. I get the word out through numerous social media apps and through the county public libraries, my mother ..."

Hi Kendrya

My new middle grade book – The Blitz Bus – is available as an ARC. The synopsis is as below:

Emmie let out a huge sob – “It’s not a film set”, she cried. She held onto Jack for a moment, then took a step back, closed her eyes and shouted - “WHERE AM I?”
When Jack and Emmie suddenly find themselves transported back to London in 1940, they find a world both familiar, yet very different. As they dodge falling bombs and over-zealous policemen, they befriend Jan - a lonely Polish refugee. Together, they must work out if the shadowy figure they keep seeing is a spy and unlock the secret of getting home again…

It is released on 7th September 2021 and I’m looking for reviewers who are able to post on Goodreads, Amazon and their own blog/website/Instagram.

Please contact me on if you’d be interested in reading it.



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