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Lawless (Steel Demons MC #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Reverse harem dystopian novel female lead is a doctor and she becomes a part of a motorcycle club where she falls in love with them. there's also animals that are actually gods [s]

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message 1: by angie (new)

angie (angelinadodevski) | 3 comments So i dont remember much just that the book was based on this doctor girl who is trying to survive in post apocalyptic USA (not that scary it was just run by men so not safe for women) and when she stops at a hostel to help the prostites with IUD's the motorcycle gang rides in and decide they need a doctor and take her. The head honcho has a doberman named Hades and another guy has a hawk named something fancy as well and they are spiritually connected. I read the book near the end of last year and the series had a new book coming out this year i believe.
Umm when they get to the base she sets up a blood drive and then the guys try to get her to be their lover? idk but the main dude used to be apart of a "cult" (it wasn't ready i just cant remember what it was called) where the women had more than one lover because the men believed that they needed more than one because women were like gods? And then he wants to get with main chick but he cant because he thinks she deserves more than one guy so he pulls his best friend in and then the other one and i think there is 4 guys and 1 girl maybe? or three guys.

its a mess and I'm so mad i cant remember but i read it on kindle unlimited and I'm hoping that i can find it so i can read the last book installment cause things were getting spicy.

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Marisa (marisasorenson) | 227 comments Maybe Lawless by Crystal Ash?

message 3: by angie (new)

angie (angelinadodevski) | 3 comments Marisa wrote: "Maybe Lawless by Crystal Ash?"
The amount of LOVE i hold for you is incredible! Youre bloody amazing hahaha thank you so much it has been driving me crazy for so long!!!!

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