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Ducks, Newburyport
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Week 4, Day 2 - loc 14909, p902UK/p892US (ish)

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Angel Belsey (angelbelsey) | 119 comments Mod
Stopping at "the fact that he survives that fall though, which is another kind of cartoony idea, the fact that only Bugs Bunny could live through that," which follows A BUNCH OF TOMMY LEE JONES MENTIONS: honestly, you can't miss it.

Angel Belsey (angelbelsey) | 119 comments Mod
Fun fact: I share a birthday with Tommy Lee Jones.

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Angel Belsey (angelbelsey) | 119 comments Mod
We’re all about the dogs and ducks at first, but then we get back to Willy. The cops won’t do a damn thing about him, #defundthepolice, which has made Leo spitting mad. Stacy is also extremely worried and keeps checking on the cats.

Gillian Watch: Narrator dreams about a second chance to give a little girl a good upbringing. The little girl is called Stacy, and Gillian doesn’t even exist in the dream!

A few bits in here that give me pause: Narrator refers to “Frank” instead of “Fred” in one tiny moment talking about There’s Always Tomorrow, and then in thinking about the film she thinks how Fred is up to no good and the kids suspect but his wife doesn’t, and how husbands always end up shooting wives or having affairs with old flames, hmmm. I mean, we know Leo isn’t the gun type, and we also know he’s very popular with the women he works with . . .

After the typical meandering thoughts of animals and the environment and so on, we get another lion interlude. The mother lion has been shot with what seems to be a tranquilizer dart, shut into a cage, and put into a vehicle. That vehicle, though, has a terrible car accident, and the back hatch of the car opens in the crash. She limps away.

Back to narrator. It turns out that Fresia has nixed the idea of a playdate for James with Ben, what a cow. Ben is, of course, hurt by this. Narrator thinks through the plots of Deception and, of course, her old favorite, It’s Complicated. We learn that there is a $10,000 reward for bringing the lion in alive . . .

. . . and then another lion interlude. The lioness rests for a while, then begins her search again in earnest. She finds a house with a chicken coop outside, and a little dog tied to a tree nearby. The lioness cannot get to the chickens and disappears into the trees. The little dog frees himself from his collar and follows her like a shadow for days.

And back to Narrator again. And guess what: that little dog was Jim, and the chickens were Narrator’s chickens. We find that out after Narrator thinks about how her life is so much different from her mother’s and Abby’s lives, and how much she dislikes tattoos, and about chili, and about her dream of Ronny—no, Narrator—and about how she can’t eat food with seeds anymore, or raw fruits and vegetables.

Narrator is sad that Jim is gone, but not too cut up about it, really. They did go out looking for him, with no luck, of course. Stacy was more upset, and now is sitting in the house watching The Fugitive, which Narrator thinks about in real time while also thinking about various injustices, from Ohio making D&Cs illegal to flight attendants giving people hassle on airplanes.

At least the reward money has been withdrawn from offer now, and the driver of the car that crashed with the lioness in it survived. The lioness has meanwhile achieved folk hero status.

Homework: Have a look at the incredible Longaberger basket building and the newer basket monument!

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