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Summer Love (Silver Beach, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Trilogy: Girl spends every summer at cottage with family, drama ensues. [s]

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Victoria Zugehar | 2 comments Read this book in mid 2000s. Paperback books were on the thinner side, cover images was a girl reclining back on her forearms on a beach, this was split across the 3 books. **Plot spoilers in this post **

This is a trilogy about a main girl whose family spends every summer at the family cottage in a small beach/ lake town (Michigan? Maine?). First book is about girl living her best summer life after being a senior in high school, sort of has a crush on the boy who teaches sailing and her neighbor also has a crush on him. Second book/ Third books get a bit more drama filled and there is a plot about how main girl's parents get divorced, she finds love letters that tell how her mother had an affair with the next door neighbor's dad and that she is actually his daughter. Main girl's brother has crush on neighbor's daughter (who is the wild child of the small lake town) but is geeky and has asthma but in the second book he grows out of it and catches her attention. Third book the brother has a new girlfriend who she ends up dying in a game of motorboat chicken.

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Possibly the Silver Lake trilogy? The first is Summer Love

Victoria Zugehar | 2 comments omg YES I just looked it up, it's by Diane Schwemm. Thank you so so much!!

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