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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Adult Dual timelines story about two possible paths a female MC's life could take if she stays with her mom (I think in California?) or is taken by her dad (New York??) when they split up when she's a baby.

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Evie Drae (eviedrae) | 2 comments I think this was a contemporary romance, of sorts, that I read maybe around the early 2000s? I feel like the author was maybe the son or daughter of another well known author. It might have even been co-written. It shows different points in the main character's life depending on if she stayed with her mom or was taken by her better-off father. She has a different version of her name in each life (like a nickname in one, but goes by her full-name in the other). The version of her who stays with her mom becomes a child actress, and the version of her who goes with her dad is a huge fan of the show she was an actress for in the other possible timeline.

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Rainbowheart | 20295 comments Is this book for teens or adults?

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Evie Drae (eviedrae) | 2 comments Hey!! I am pretty sure it was an adult novel. It followed the main character from when she was a baby until she was well into adulthood, showing the same points in her life depending on which parent she had gone with. I'm pretty sure in one timeline she was really into dollhouses and miniatures, and in the other she'd been given a dollhouse by her stepmom or... maybe they made one together?

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