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Page Numbering Requests > Add pagecount to "Kærlighed i Koleraens Tid"

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message 1: by Sophie (new)

Sophie (znair) | 3 comments Please adjust pagecount for ISBN 978-87-638-0917-7 Kærlighed i koleraens tid to be 432 pages.

The local library page says 431 pages, but it's actually 432 (no number on last page is possibly the reason for the miscount)

message 2: by Ekaterina (new)

Ekaterina Okuneva (okuneshku) | 3296 comments Edition with ISBN 978-87-638-0917-7 already has 432 pages, please check:

message 3: by Sophie (last edited Aug 17, 2020 08:19AM) (new)

Sophie (znair) | 3 comments I'm honestly having a really hard time finding a way to differentiate this:

from this:

The edition I'm reading is a hardback, but still has the ISBN 978-87-638-0917-7 so it gets a bit confusing.

message 4: by Ekaterina (new)

Ekaterina Okuneva (okuneshku) | 3296 comments Thank you for making this clear, I add 432 pages to this edition as well. Done

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