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message 1: by Maria (new)

Maria | 4 comments Hi everyone,

I’m looking for betas for my paranormal cozy mystery. Looking for feedback on the overall plot/characters, inconsistencies, etc but welcome any other suggestions as well. The book is just under 60K words. Here’s a little about it:

Belle Sparrow has spent her life trying to fit in with the masses and away from her life as an outcast among a family of outcasts. You see, everyone in the Sparrow family can see spirits, everyone except for Belle. Her attempt at normality comes to an abrupt end when she meets the ghost of Rockabilly legend Starla Knight.

The novelty of meeting her idol and finally getting to talk with a spirit is quickly overshadowed when her mom becomes the number one suspect in her boss’ murder. Sure there’s not much evidence and Belle knows her mom would never kill anyone. But in a small town where her entire family is known as the "Spooky Sparrows" she knows the police won’t look too hard for the real killer. With help from her new spirit side-kick Belle takes on the task of uncovering the true murderer and vindicating her mother.

If you're interested please reply here or PM me on Goodreads and we can discuss what options you prefer to communicate feedback/notes.

message 2: by Brandi Reads (new)

Brandi Reads (brandisreadingservices) | 25 comments I am interested and will send you a PM shortly.

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