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message 1: by Devangana (new)

Devangana | 9 comments Tongue in cheek: the funny side of life by Khyrunnisa A. A non-stop commentary and lampoonery on the banalities of Indian living.

A collection of short anecdotes of a modern woman’s daily life in urban India. Khyrunnisa A with her quick-witted observations, scintillating sense of humour and an imaginative use of adjectives and puns, transforms the everyday mundane into a comedy of situations. I have to admit, I have found myself in similar predicaments on a number of occasions, and chuckled my way through this short book. It’s classic self deprecating humour with its regional idiosyncrasies. The humour is culturally Indian, I am not sure if it would appeal to foreign readers.

message 2: by Rachna (new)

Rachna (rachnaink) | 5 comments Thank you for the rec :)

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