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This is where cats go every full moon for a peaceful gathering under StarClan.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments Spottedrabbit walked along side Lakestar. His eyes were laser focused on the task at hand. So much so it seemed like he was ready for something to go wrong. Everyone noticed this. It was unusual for him to be so...tight when it came to the rules, but once the moon was full that changed it seems.

Abby {On Hiatus Indefinitely} (yourclassicintrovertbooknerd) | 1040 comments Creekpaw padded quietly behind Spottedrabbit. She could barely keep herself from bounding ahead in excitement. This would be her first Gathering, and she couldn't wait to meet the cats from other clans.

Abby {On Hiatus Indefinitely} (yourclassicintrovertbooknerd) | 1040 comments ((I should go to bed, it's past 5 am for me))

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments (It's 2:17 for me. Tomorrow then?)

Abby {On Hiatus Indefinitely} (yourclassicintrovertbooknerd) | 1040 comments ((I'll try, gn))

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((Oop- gn))

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments (I'll just post this here for when Abby is on.)
Spottedrabbit was...tense to put it lightly. Ever since his meeting with the dogs things have gotten stranger and stranger by the moon. First his dad's ghost, then the hawk attack at trout river, then the battle between frost and shadow that ended with the clan in ruins. He was more on edge then ever now. Certainly so since he was a father of five kits. But still his tenseness was felt by everyone who even walked near him.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments Spottedrabbit began to pace back and forth. His eyes....they looked like they would kill a cat.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments You've never seen him like's like he's a entirely different cat.

A thousand thought were going through Spottedrabbits head. Why were all these strange events happening? what could come next? Is someone gonna die? All these thoughts and more ran through his head as he paced, the other deputies, minus Deathclaw, afraid of what he might do.

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"Hello stranger" grinned a tall tom cat. He was covered in small stripes, his underbelly and all paws were white as a winter snow, "I'm Cardfall." his grin grew wider. He flicked his tail to a smaller version of him, "My twin, Tricklife" Trick bowed and smiled.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments "Spottedrabbit.......River clan deputy..." He said as he paced. It was like he was a caged animal. Never sitting still, never looking cats in the eye.

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A small black tom, one with patches of dark blue, a dark blue underbody, stripes, and back paws, "Cardfall, Tricklife, Cobwebspin and Stringpelt need you" said the mysterious tom, "We'll be right there Magickeeper" Cardfall purred to the smaller tom, "Now." he hissed as Trick followed him, "Bye bye" Card leaped after the two.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments Spottedrabbit sat with a a glare. The thoughts running through his head were ones to keep him alert.

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Shardstar and Loststar glared at each other, eyes full of hate.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments "Something.....feels off." He said as his eyes darted from left to right, up and down, the moved so quickly yet they still had that battle ready glare.

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Owltalon sat beside a she-cat who looked about ready to burst, she nuzzled him as he purred with delight.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments Diamondstar walked out of the shadows. It appears she's the only one to come.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments Spottedrabbits eyes...they were filled with fire. "I can't." He said as his eyes began to shift again.

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((Most of TC came, not just Diamondstar, that'd piss of StarClan))

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments (I meant no deputy when I said just she came.)

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments Diamondstar smiled as she looked at her fellow leaders. She simply sat down and looked forward.

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"Clans" Loststar's voice rang out to all the cats, "Here we all gather for once every moon, but what has happened may disturb the unknowing. Lakestar, would you like to go first?" Lake nodded his head, he walked to the center of everyone's view, "Dogs have trashed our camp, while no cat was harmed we-" Lakestar was interupted by a scent he recongnized. Frost? Lake saw Frost walk into the gathering area, "I mean no harm, only to watch over you..." he trailed off as he looked at the pregnant she-cat next to Owltalon, he saw... Shadow. he saw him as a small kit inside the she's stomach, he lay down behind everyone, showing in all possible ways that he was no harm. RiverClan basically knew that he was harmless, along with ShadowClan, but WindClan and ThunderClan did not. "Who said you could invade cat territory!?" Shardstar hissed. "He warned us yesterday about Shadow's attack," Lakestar dipped his head in respect to Frost, "As I was saying, Frost had warned us before the dogs could get there, and no one was injured." he looked at Diamondstar signaling for her to go next.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments Spottedrabbit went to lakestar and sat next to his leader with his wild eyes. Normally Spottedrabbit would be talking to Deathclaw, his best friend from shadow clan, but with everything that's happened in these recent moons he became more and more watchful of the situation. Showing the clans one of the reasons he was chosen to be deputy. "Diamondstar." Spottedrabbit said giving a dip of the head. "Spottedrabbit." she replied with a dip of her own.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments "No good news I am afraid." Diamondstar said with a uneasy mew. "We have unfortunately lost several warriors, lost a kit and queen, and I have lost a life." She said as the crowd began to speak as uneasy as she did.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments "As for what killed them...we do not know....the same can be said for whatever took my life." Diamondstar mewed. She had eight lives left but even still she was careful, even more so now.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments "That is all." She said signalling to Shardstar.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments Spottedrabbits ears perked as he heard something. His fur began to rise slowly as to not gather the attention of the other cats. But just as fast as it rised it fell. Starclan please let that sound be a false alram. He thought as he kept his eyes on everyone and everything.

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((Poesidon is beta, th original plan was Bless would join The Ridge so plans changed))

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments Spottedrabbit stared at his mate, then death-stared at frost giving a "Back. Off." vibe as he was protective of his kits, Robinkit most of all. This stare was less of a death stare and more of a warning to the dog. That warning being do not hurt his kits and mate.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments Spottedrabbit jumps down from his place next to his leader, landing perfectly in front of his mate. "Sheepwhisker.....this dog saved my life,,,,without him....I'd be dead....respect him...please.: He mews quietly as not to disrespect the leaders.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments "That was thunder...this is river...." He unsheathed his claws. they were black from all the dry blood he never cleaned off and showing them was his way of getting serious. "And I'll make sure it doesn't." He growled in a whisper. Something was up with him. He never showed his claws around you before, certainly not this close to the kits, and his eyes.....they've changed from fire to a inferno of rage and alertness unseen in the clan since the days of Crookedstar.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments "...." He fell silent then said. "I lost you." in almost a war like tone. you were scared...this was Spottedrabbit. Your fun loving,over protective, easy going, old as dirt mate....and he was serious.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments "Sheep.....please....." He said as he returned to his leader with those eyes. You notice a new scar on him, a jagged one on the leg he injured, but you didn't care. Something happened to your Spottedrabbit....and you wanted him back.

(Note to Relaxing: Spots doesn't do well in crowds. But he normally just sticks with Lakestar for that reason he's acting like this out of pure fear.)

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments (Anyone there?)

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments (Welp till someone responds I'mma leave this post.)
Spottedrabbit's eye's focused on Owltalon and his mate. Why is frost looking at her? he thought. Spottedrabbit was blinded by his worry, by his rage. Why was he angry? He didn't know himself but he decided not to question this range and simply let it be as he stared at the she cat. A memory flashed before his eyes of a time he wasn't apart of yet he knew that face. The she cat he saw had a white underbelly, she was about to burst just like Owltalon's mate, she was also a golden orange color with dark orange stripes along her sides. One of her front paws, the left one, was white, her eyes were two different colors; one was as blue as the ocean, the other as violet as the sunset, on her violet eye was a white spot. Her was calming. Then it hit him. He saw a vision of his late mother, Eveningwind. With that thought in his head his claws became sheathed and he lowered his head. He remembered how she died...he remembered it all.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments (Cool. I will latter. also huge plot twist incoming)
As the leaders talk Spottedrabbit tuned out the noise. He knew Riverclan was his home...but not by choice. From how he ran, to how he hunted. He knew he was a wind clan cat, and he knew that him and Lakestar couldn't hide it for much longer. But he had to hide it! to keep Sheep safe. He had to...even if it meant this secret died with him.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments Spottedrabbit took a breath and sighed leaving the gathering early to clear his head. He knew Lakestar wouldn't mind just ask questions later. Spottedrabbit didn't stray to far from the gathering. Only seeking a small waterfall near by to wash his head clean of all that had happened. "Mother...." He murmured to himself. This waterfall...this was his favorite place to come when he needed to be alone. Yet he felt empty knowing that....he never met his mother.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments Spottedrabbit stared into the water. From what he heard from him he looked just like his actual father, Eaglestar, the leader of windclan two generations before Shardstar and who was betrayed by his deputy Hawkpelt. "all you have to do is take away the scars..." Spottedrabbit said repeating a quote from his leader. He never really knew his real father ether. Only hearing tales from Lakestar as a young warrior.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments You found him there, by a small was heartbreaking just looking at him. though you hid as he was about to say something. "Of all the cats to have....THIS thrust upon them...why me?" He said as he looked into the blue-ish grey water. "Why did I have to lose her? Why did I have to lose my mother? WHY DID I BECOME THE DEPUTY TO THIS CLAN. IF I CAN'T EVEN KEEP MY OWN MATE SAFE!?!?" he growled as he slashed the water with his paw in anger.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments He gave a sigh, a long, heavy, tired sigh. "Maybe Redheart was right...maybe I should retire to the elders den." He said out loud as he looked at his blurred image in the water. He laughed. "I can barely walk straight anymore thanks to how much I keep injuring my legs. I won't be surprise if I'm forced to retire soon." He said with a hollow smile that faded into a frown.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments He looked up at the night sky. A tear forming in his yellow eye, the only eye that even worked anymore. "Mom.....If your there tonight.....what were you like were alive?" He asked the night. Expecting it not to give him a answer at all.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments He gave another long tiered sigh. "What I expected.....I.......I wish I could have met you mom...." He says as he slowly lowers his head. "From what I's the day you died...because of me...." he says as you hear the pain in his voice. "You died because.....I was born." He says as his tear hit's the water creating ripple. he sighs again. "But...I didn't let that stop me....I became deputy so no one, not even my worse enemy, would have to die again." He said was he stared down into the water. "The most I know about you you looked and your name...Eveningwind..." He gave a sad laugh. "Fitting for someone like you." He said as he got up, and looked at his scared body again. "It's been a long road for me....I've made friends, foes, and even had kits of my own...." He sighed. "But.....I think it's time I throw in the towel. I think it's time....I retire." He says as your eyes widen with shock. For as long as you've known Spottedrabbit has, and would always be the deputy of river clan so to hear HIM. The one known as the battle worn deputy, think about couldn't take the thought and came out of hiding to confront him about it.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments He was shock to see you here. But as you cared for him all his troubles seemed to melt away...almost. "Sheep...I...."He sighed again. it was that long, heavy, tiered sigh you've gotten used to. But you noticed his eyes. They looked tiered too as bags lied upon bags under his eyes. "I don't know....I'm so old now that....I don't think I'm of any use." he said still laying on you. "I've been deputy for as long as I can remember...I've been deputy since Lakestar first took the role of leader I....I don't think I can any longer." He said in a somber tone.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments "I..." He sighed again. "I've been trying my strong a example for the next generation." He said as a small cough came. "'s giving out....I'm sorry Sheep." He said with a tear in his eye.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments ".....I'm worried." He said staring into the water. "Ever since I first interacted with Frost things around here have been getting stranger by the moon. First I saw the ghost of my father, then the hawk attack at trout river, then my father comes back somehow, now the most recent event is the dog attack." he says as he stares unblinking into the water. "I'm afraid Sheep....I'm afraid of what will come next."

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments "I....Don't know.....But.....I can't help it......I'm running out of time." He says as he looks into the water. You see him think about something for a moment. "....for now....let's go.......I can't stand crowds like the one at the gathering."

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments He begins to cough again it's still small worry for him.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments "Yeah...Home" He said as he walked back.

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 1599 comments He coughed a little. Then...something in him changed. "One last time." he said. "I'll be deputy till new leaf comes around...after that....I'll retire as a deputy." He said as you saw the damage on his left hind leg. It made him walk a little funny seemed he was really down and out. But you knew one cat who could talk sense into him. Lakestar. Maybe he could get Spottedrabbit to stay as deputy for a while more.

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