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message 1: by Rebekah, OFFICIAL TCM (PRINCESS OF TC) (new)

Rebekah (bekahkc) | 54 comments Mod
Pepper! (cause I could eat the desserts she bakes haha)

WYR work at Big League Burger or Jack's deli (I can't remember the name)?

message 2: by Becca da (new)

Becca da Romance Queen (becca_da_romance_queen) | 18 comments I think the deli was called Girl Cheese..? or Girl something..?
So Sorry Blondies!!

WYR meet Pepper or meet Jack??

message 3: by ally, OFFICIAL TCM (QUEEN OF TC) (new)

ally (celaena_coin) | 163 comments Mod
Yeah, I think their twitter account was Girl Cheesing or something

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