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Sleepers, Wake
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Science Fiction (?) where a boy and his family travel to a new planet, but he wakes up and is much older (a teacher gave me to read this, sometime in elementary school. 2011-2015. [s]

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N | 2 comments Not sure if I did the topic right, but let me explain the plot (yes, this is a really strange book):

A boy and his family travel to a new planet. The trip is long, so they sleep in these chambers (the cover of the book had a picture of them sleeping in those glass things, like the coffin in Snow White). The boy was the youngest in the family, but by the time the rest of the family woke up, he was an old man. Mainly because his chamber malfunctioned midway through the trip.

So they leave to explore the planet (only the children, but I don't think they were allowed to leave. The "youngest" also went).

They find this underground place. Aliens live there, but they take the form of human children (apparently other settlements came before and the children from them were taken so the aliens could take their form). Each alien had a little baggie full of teeth which was the only thing they had left from the children.

There is also some leader alien but he's really old (and when they die of old age they explode into these seeds I think. And they also don't live long).

The "youngest" becomes friends with one alien, and they leave the settlement (they could've been trying to use their bodies or something, I don't know).

The children get hungry (unless it was just one of them because they may have split up) and the alien friend opens his stomach. Apparently, you can eat from there because food?

Find a group of old humans. Talk about how awful and terrible those aliens are for killing their children (I think their alien versions returned to the parents and the parents knew something was wrong. I forgot when they realized the issue, maybe it was when their kids started aging super fast and exploded into seeds?).

Friend alien is a little uncomfortable, and when the old humans figure him out, I forgot what happened.

They may have also been chased by some weird monsters at one point.

When the children tried to leave the planet, the leader alien tried to stop them but he exploded into seeds. I think they had to make sure the seeds don't enter their spaceship or something because those seeds can enter crevices and do something?

Anyways, they enter the main ship and leave to Earth as this new planet was not good. The "youngest" made it so he woke up again, mainly to speak to his friend as he knew he wouldn't be sleeping somehow (or he programmed it so he woke up if his friend did). They spoke. The alien friend said those machines don't slow down his aging process (and he was wrinkly and old then). He died (don't know why the seeds destroying the ship isn't a big deal here, but the leader alien's were).

Idek why I want to find this book, but it was so strange and I just want to know for sure.

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N | 2 comments Kitty wrote: "Sleepers, Wake"

Yes! That's the crazy book I once read. Thank you, now I can stop thinking about it

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