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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA/Children's fantasy illustrated book - 90s or earlier - A girl finding herself in a land of talking vegetables in a 'war'.

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message 1: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 1 comments I read a book as a child during the early 2000s that belonged to my aunt as a child (born in 1985). It could've been made earlier than the 80's though. I asked her if she remembered it and had no recollection. It wasn't made for toddlers or pre-schoolers as it was quite dark at times and the subject matter of war and conflict. I also remember illustrations on the same page as text, and the images were very strange/trippy.

From what i remember the story starts with a young girl eating dinner with her parents where she is served vegetables and refuses to eat them. I do believe they send her to bed without any dinner. Some way or another, she finds herself/wakes up in a magical land with a fantasy / kingdom type of setting. She goes up to a tree but then realises its a broccoli. She then realises that ordinary 'human' objects have been replaced by vegetables, there are no humans only talking / living vegetables which almost appear to be cross and rude with her.Lots of events happen in the course of the book, I definitely remember a war takes place between vegetables, which the girl helps in and lots of moral lessons are learnt. It has been close to 15-20 years since I've read this book so the main events have been forgotten. The ending consists of her appreciating vegetables and waking back up in her house going on to eat them when asked to and enjoying it.

I'm also in Australia if that helps. To rule out, it is not any of the following:

- An episode of the Powerpuff girls

- The Vegetable War (1980)

- Pas encore des legumes

- When Vegetables go bad

message 2: by Rainbowheart (new)

Rainbowheart | 20339 comments Broccoliville?

Almost nothing about this book online, but Worldcat says it's a fable about vegetables.

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