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What If It's Us > Cool news! For everyone that's read They Both Die at the End, Adam Silvera is doing an IG live on September 5th to talk about the characters, Death-Cast and how he thinks the story ACTUALLY ended!

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message 1: by sukhroopreads (new)

sukhroopreads (sukhroopandbooks) | 101 comments Mod
I might actually read the book just for this live!

message 3: by Andrea (new)

Andrea | 1 comments That's great, really looking forward to it. That book had me in tears.

message 4: by sukhroopreads (new)

sukhroopreads (sukhroopandbooks) | 101 comments Mod
@Andrea Yay that's great! Apparently this book is a straight-up tear-jerker!

@Kat I also want to read this book this month if I have the time! Ooof I can screen record it on my phone and upload it unlisted and send the link to you if you want! It wouldn't be any trouble!

message 5: by sukhroopreads (new)

sukhroopreads (sukhroopandbooks) | 101 comments Mod
Of course! That probably would help me out as well because I can watch it whenever I want!

message 6: by sukhroopreads (new)

sukhroopreads (sukhroopandbooks) | 101 comments Mod
Adam Silvera on They Both at the End: "If I wanted to jump back into the world, which I absolutely have considered, there are opportunities for me to do so. But definitely a standalone for these characters, cause... well." We might be getting a sequel!

message 7: by Ilsen (new)

Ilsen Leon | 8 comments I loved this book and I definitely need to reread it! However, this book is so special to me that I don’t think I want a sequel...

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