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I have a bit of an idea for this, but nothing written. Who is interested?

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I'm writing the first chapter.

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First bit that I've written.
New Republic era

Leia got into bed. It had been a long long day, she thought. Meeting with all the diplomats and handling the big conference that Mon couldn't handle because of her health. She thought of her husband Han, off on a mission to help Chewbacca's wife get to see him more often and meet his son, Lumpy. She quickly set her comlink to urgent only and closed her eyes. A few minutes later, she felt a odd presence in the Force. It reminded her of Darth Vader's presence on Endor. Only this was full of light, unlike the dark thing she felt on Endor. It reminded her of meeting Anakin (as a Force ghost) on Bakura. She quickly raised her mental shielding up, wondering if she would be okay. Bakura may have gone okay(if you counted okay only by remaining alive), but didn't he say he couldn't and wouldn't return. He did, Leia remembered.

She opened one eye and sat up a bit. I will have to handle this diplomatically and peacefully, she thought. She saw a glowing blue figure. The figure of Vader before his fall, no Anakin. Luke had told her what happened on DS-2, but the only thing she could remember related to Death Stars was what happened on DS-1. The illegal boarding of her diplomatic ship, the Tantive IV. Vader torturing her for the plans. Alderaan being destroyed. Then Luke and Han coming to break her out. And Yavin 4. The battle and award ceremony. She was like a Corusca gem, extremely strong in some spots, but if hit in the right places would shatter with a tap into a million pieces.

Oh Sithspit. This was going to be a ugly night. I should have left taken a few months off from politics to work with Luke on lightsaber use. Now, when I need one, I have had barely any training since the encounter on Mimban, where I almost died and Luke had to use the Force to heal me with the crystal. I barely sleep because of my nightmares, and this will only make them worse. I'm sure I'm not going to be sleeping tonight, even though I know badly I need it to handle the affairs of the New Republic.

She opened her other eye and said, “What are you doing here? I don't want to deal with you! I don't think I'll sleep tonight because of you coming here. I am NOT going to help you forgive Han. Remember? You tried to get me to help you on Bakura. I'm not interested!”
Anakin said, “Leia. If you let me help you, you will be able to meet your mother.”
Leia said, “When did you think coming here was helping me? Ever since Alderaan was destroyed, I've barely slept. You coming here doesn't help.”
Anakin said, “Yoda and Obi-Wan sent me on a mission to help you. I can use the Force to help you actually sleep, instead of you locating the whiskey that the Corellians brought to the party the past few nights.“Leia let her tired head fall back to her pillow. Anakin used the Force to pick her up with a soft blanket and her pillow and used the Force to wrap her in her blanket and tuck her pillow next to her head..
Leia said, “What are you doing?”
Anakin said, “Don't worry. You will be fine. I'm not going to hurt you. Just calm down. I waited for a night when Han was gone to keep him from being confused and mad. Close your eyes.”Leia closed her eyes. Anakin used the Force to open the portal, the dimension that would let living Force-sensitives temporary access the Netherworld, if they had help from a person who had passed away. The Jedi had been working on this since before the Purge.
Once they had gotten into the Netherworld, Anakin told Leia, “It's okay, Lella.”
Leia said,, “Please don't call me that. The only man who I am interested in calling daddy, Bail Organa, nicknamed me that when I was little.”
Anakin said,, “Okay, Leia.”

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I used bits of EU from books(in order of use
Jedi Search
Champions of the Force
Dark Apprentice
The Truce at Bakura
Splinter of the Mind's Eye)
- Jedi Academy
-holiday special
-Truce at Bakura
Splinter of the Mind's eye
How do you like this fanfic? It is a WIP.

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Akindle wrote: "I'm writing the first chapter." Warning: A character drinking is mentioned indirectly. What happened on the first Death Star to Leia will probably be mentioned.

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Part 2
Anakin was holding Leia. She looked tired and stressed out, but she wasn't crying or super scared. Anakin considered the fact that she wasn't crying or super scared a win because this was his first time dealing with her as Anakin Skywalker, besides Bakura. He sent her a Force suggestion that it would be smart to calm down.
He said, “Leia. I know you aren't super comfortable with me. How about I find someone else to do the mind healing and I stick to physical healing. I know that you sometimes have tried all sorts of stuff to hide some of the scars and make your back feel better. I've done physical healing with the Force a bit in the Clone Wars after Obi-Wan got hurt on the battlefield and I was the only other Jedi there who knew how to do it. Obi-Wan taught me as a safety precaution.”

She is very proud of what you did in the Senate. If you think you can stay calm, I'll tell you some more." Leia nodded.
Anakin said, "A friend of yours in the Imperial Senate is related to her." Thoughts ran through Leia's head like the rain poured down on the Jungle Regions of Alderaan. The Holdo girl from Gal-something who taught her skyfaring. Not likely. Kier, the Chacillan Senator. No way. The Nubian Senator, Pooja Nabberie. Can't see it working. The Courascanti Senator Stacie Fung. No way. But didn't Pooja say that she had an Auntie who was a queen and was in the Republic Senate. That would fit. But what was this Auntie's name?
Anakin said, "She says to tell you that you beat her record at getting the Double Crown Award, whatever that means. You even got the Diamonds, which she never got. She got some high level awards, though. Can you explain the awards?" Leia racked her brain for female Republic Senators from Naboo.
Leia says, "The Senate, every year had an award ceremony at the Award Ball. The Crown awards are normally awards a Senator would earn over a career. They would get 30 under 30, which was 30 best Senators under 30 years old, at the beginning of their time in the Senate, if they were lucky. I got that award both years. Then normally they would get Senators of the Year. Every year, 5 Senators got that. I got it my first year in the Senate. It was an all ages/in the Republic Senate all species award. In the Imperial Senate it was humans only. They would then get the right to wear the Double Crown award, after getting two of the three. Then as a senior Senator they would get the Career Senator award. It had 10 honorable mentions. I got it as a honorable mention for my Imperial Senate work, Junior Senator work and Alderaanian Legislature work. Gemstone bands are for honorable mentions and crowns are for full awards. I also got the Core and Inner Rim Region Award Quadruple Crowns with Diamonds, Emeralds and Rubys. I got Core/Inner Rim Crowns for: Most Diplomatic Aid Given, Most Influential Senator, Youngest and Most Fashionable. I got Core/Inner Rim Honorable Mentions, which equal to gemstone bands for: Diplomatic Mercy Missions, Best Bill and Most Passing Bills. It was all at one long ball/dinner for main awards, then Core and Inner Rim combined, then Mid Rim, then Outer Rim and Other combined. A clue that someone was getting two or more medals was that no one got handed the medals. They were all told to pick them up at the Senate Chamber the next day or two."
Anakin said, "Can you tell me some more about the Core/Inner Rim awards you got?"
Leia said, "Pooja and I, by the time around a month before the last Imperial Senate Awards Ball were the only people left with a chance of getting the Mercy Missions award. I got a bunch of good PR from being the youngest Senator and all my awards that year. Pooja beat me by 2 missions.
I remember people in the Rebellion who told me, Leia, when you came to our world, after Imperial forces damaged it, and brought us a no strings attached aid package, that saved our lives. Or a lady named Pooja brought us aid. Did you know her? Those people have remembered a mission Pooja or I did in the Imperial Senate.
I did like 60 missions in the last year of the Imperial Senate. I would say that it was split 50/50 between food and non food aid. One mission I vividly remember was Chal Hudda. I had to get them to accept some stuff they at first didn't want, that would save lives. It all worked out fine in the end. Took some negotiation with the locals. I managed to not create a diplomatic incident either. At least, my parents Bail and Breha taught me negotiation first instead of a 'What do I get to blast next?' mindset.
The best bill award was for a bill regarding trade routes. Not interesting for a non diplomat like you, I'm afraid."
Anakin said, "Your mother would love to hear about it. She wrote lots of bills. She led the opposition to the Military Creation Act."
As Anakin said those words, Leia realized that Senator Padme Amidala was the leader of that act's opposition. It all fell into place. Her mother was the famous colleague of her adopted daddy. The Senator she admired so much, that when it became time to start working on some stuff where the people had to approve, she used Senator Amidala's ideas to help promote herself for the media. The Senator that she was the virtual image of as a teen and had to try not to look like, even when she told Bail, that on peace loving Alderaan, looking like Padme might help her PR as a young Senator because of Padme's great service in the Senate at a young age and Naboo's tradition of electing young queens. So, that's why Bail looked afraid when she said that. Her mother was the great Senator Amidala. Anakin saw her brown eyes light up as she put the pieces together. That girl of his was smarter then he last remembered. From now on, he would have to be very careful.
Leia asked, "Is my mother Padme Amidala. Also known as Senator Amidala. She was once Queen Amidala and was at the first battle in the Clone Wars."
Anakin said, "Yes." He gave Leia, who has tried to sit up a bit, a hug.
Anakin said, "You can chat with your mother for a bit. But I don't want you to spend the whole night talking to her. That's why I had you spend some time with me first. You will get to see your mother in a moment."
Leia said, "Will my disappearance from the real world be noticed?"
Anakin said, "No, the portal warps time, no time elapses between you going in and out. Stay calm. Your can close your eyes if you want , I'm right here. I'm not going to hurt you." He used the Force to teleport from this empty room to his home in the Netherworld.

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What do you think? Any thing to fix?

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Should I continue it?

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I have tried to do Pt. 3, but I'm afraid that I will probably not finish it. I had a good plan though.

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I looked this over it and it is not great, but is staying up for now.

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I am probably going to take this one down. I can't believe it was this bad.

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I reposted it to Somehow, people liked it. I titled it Helping Hands. I hope to write part 3 what I have tons of spare time on my hands (not anytime soon likely).

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