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Celeste and Jack will be a never ending rp for Ella and I. <3

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Celeste was desperately trying to get some work done. The magazine she worked for wanted her revisions on their latest shoot ASAP, even though it was her day off, and even though she was trying like hell to actually give her daughter some time. It was early afternoon, the sun beaming into the cafe they frequented. It was right down the street from their flat and they always made Olivia grilled cheeses, so Celeste popped in almost every day. She was seated at a table with her four year old daughter, trying to balance between circling her edits of the story and playing tic tax toe. Olivia had had always been a bit of a handful, and she deserved the attention, but Celeste needed her job to pay for olivias expensive day care and the huge loft they lived in, so Celeste walked the tightrope everyday of trying to balance her work with motherhood. Olivia was poking her arm and she looked over quickly, feigning surprise when her dark haired, blue eyed baby showed her that she'd won their game. "When did you get so good at this game?" She questioned, her blue eyes shining happily as she looked down at Liv. Her daughter had been her world from the moment she found out she was pregnant, and that moment was no different. Celeste has her long blonde hair down around her shoulders, a light purple dress hanging over her form delicately. Olivia was in rainbow leggings and a pink Chanel shirt, since Celeste had actually let her pick her own outfit that day.
Olivia just smiled at her and started drawing a picture for her, explaining that she'd been practicing with her friends at school and she just knew how to win sooo easily now. Celeste chuckled at her and tousled her hair affectionately, sipping at her latte while Olivia started to color her picture.

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It was afternoon, the world didn’t run on its own, or so Jack liked to think. He was sitting in the edge of his bed in nothing but his boxer briefs. He’d overslept, it was noon already, there was little surprise when he unlocked his phone and found a slew of messages from his assistant Andrew, the poor guy was probably having a panic attack. Jack sent off a quick message and then headed to the bathroom to shower and complete to the necessary tasks to getting ready for the day. He went to his closet afterward and dressed in a navy suit, his hair was perfectly combed, and his shoes laced. Jack made his way down the elevator and through the lobby without mishap.

Jack decided to walk to his office, it wasn’t that far away, they’d recently renovated some offices in an old historic building and Jack was quite proud of his offices and team. They’d made a lot of progress with his random projects, and he was already gearing up to make a bid on an old bank in a part of London he loved. He just didn’t know if he would be overseeing the work that would need to be done himself. He already had so much to do. Jack rounded a corner and looked at the cafe that he had only passed by once before. Jack did a double take, there was a woman sitting with her back to him, her hair, he would know that hair anywhere. He’d wrapped it in his hands, let his fingers slide through it. So many emotions went through him at the sight. He was half tempted to run, instead he went toward the table and as he came around the table to face her he noticed a small child was accompanying her. “Never took you for a babysitter love, of course you always did surprise me,” Jack gave Celeste one of his most charming smiles as he took a seat.

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Celeste grabbed a crayon and started to color with Olivia, drawing some flowers under her daughters rainbow, along with a butterfly or two. "Livie don't forget about your lunch." She said softly, nodding to the forgotten grilled cheese the young girl had taken only one bite out of. Liv sighed and grabbed the sandwich, taking a dramatically large bite to satisfy her mother. "Thank you," Celeste chimed, just as a tall figure walked up to their table. Celeste knee plenty of people in the area, so she assumed it was a friend or a neighbor. But when she glanced up to find herself staring right at Jack McCloud, she felt her heart beat five times faster than it ever should've. Jack was Olivias father, and Celeste knew that, but had been a fling, so she hadn't even told him. He'd been such a flake back then that she'd doubted he'd want a place in their little girls life.

He thought she was babysitting and Celeste almost laughed. She was about to speak up and say that Liv was her daughter, but before she even could, Olivia piped up. "Momma who's that?" She asked, taking another bite of her sandwich. It was an effort not to start laughing, and Celeste took a moment to collect her thoughts. "He's just an old friend, honey, just eat your lunch okay?" She suggested, smoothing her daughters hair and looking back up at jack. "I guess it's not really babysitting when it my own daughter now is it?" She said, an undertone of sass in her voice. She and jack had not ended things well. Back in high school, she'd wanted him to be her boyfriend, but he wasn't interested in commitment. "What are you up to around here, Jack?" She asked him curiously, cupping her chin in her hands. Her blue eyes danced with amusement at the shocked look on his face.

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The little girl was adorable, but Jacks attention was mostly on Celeste, taking in every inch of her. This was the woman he’d walked away from, and she was every inch woman now. He couldn’t believe that she’d become more beautiful, but she had. His jaw slackened and he felt the color drain from his face when the little girl called Celeste momma, what in the bloody hell had happened? Jack was tacked aback, he hadn’t expected her to have a child, especially one this age, wait what was her age? Jack glanced, slightly panicked at the little girl, she had dark hair like his, but beautiful blue eyes like Celestes. Jack took a deep breath and tried to gather his bearings. There was no need to panic, not yet at least. He turned on the charm, though he was used to forcing false charm, this was a rare first with Celeste. She brought out the worst in him at times, but also the best.

“It would seem I’m mistaken, my apologies love. And what is this young princess’ name?” Jack knelt down to the girls level so that they were looking each other at the same level. What Jack really wanted to know was how old the child was. He wasn’t good at guessing children’s age, they were all small and he usually avoided them at all costs. Instead he glanced over to Celeste with as much confidence as he could muster. “My new office is just around the corner,” he answered her question. “Do you two come here often?”

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Celeste watched the color drain from Jack's face, and his mouth game open when Olivia called her momma. It was funny, really, to see Jack so shocked. He was always so sauce and prepared for anything. Back when they'd been on and off, he'd always had some remark to day, but in that moment he was speechless. Celeste simply arched her brow at him in response to his shock, taking a sip of her latte while he glanced between her and Olivia. She could see the calculations going on in jacks head and she didn't like it one bit. Celeste didn't really want Jack to understand that he was Olivias father. She didn't want him to have a chance to hurt her daughter how he'd hurt her so long ago. Eventually he'd just up and leave Liv, and she simply couldn't let that happen.

Jack suddenly had it all together and dropped down to Liv's level. He asked her name and Olivia glanced up at her mom, checking that it was okay to tell this new stranger her name. Celeste nodded gently to her daughter "Go ahead honey, he's my friend." She explained, so Olivia would feel safe. The dark haired girl looked back to Jack and smiled brightly "My names Olivia, what's yours?" She asked, sticking out her hand to shake as her grandfather had taught her. Celeste tried to hold back a chuckle at her child's large personality, and nodded to Jack "We live just down the street, Liv here loves the grilled cheese sandwiches and I love the lattes. It's our favorite." She explained, watching her daughter take another huge bite of her sandwich and start rambling to Jack about how gooey and melty the cheese always was. "Your office? What do you do Jack?" She asked curiously. It was mostly financial and lawyers offices in the area, and she doubted jack had gone into either of those fields. Celeste watched carefully, trying to judge if Jack could tell what was going on or not.

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The little girl looked to her mother for guidance before answering him, good girl, she had boundaries. When she held out her hand he couldn’t help the genuine smile that crossed his lips. “Pleasure to meet you Olivia,” Jack stoke a look at Celeste, he read the pride on her face. This little girl was everything to Celeste, Jack wasn’t sure how he felt, about any of this. But he would have to process all of that later because right then he was having a conversation with the previous love of his life, and they had the audience of her little girl. Who was the father though? Another thought for later.

“Oh, it’s a nice area. Glad you both are in a safe neighborhood,” Jack stood up, then pulled out a seat at the table, he didn’t ask, he just did, because that was what Jack McCloud did, he inserted himself wherever he pleased. “I have several investments, businesses that I own, or I’m renovating. There’s actually a hotel a few blocks away that I own. The office building I’m in is one we renovated, my team and I. It’s from the 1920’s. We oversee my current businesses and future prospects there. Sometimes clients come...” Jack didn’t mention that one of the reasons he was so successful was because of her and her encouragement. That would give her leverage, and as vulnerable as he felt in that moment there was no way he was giving her that. “What are you up to Celeste? Did you chase after your dreams?”

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Jack shook Olivias hand and spoke to her kindly. Celeste couldn't help but be a little bit surprised at how well he communicated with Liv; getting down on her level and introducing himself, following her cues to make her feel comfortable. Who knew Jack McCloud wasn't completely helpless with children. She felt a tang of guilt at the thought, but quickly shook it away. Jack let her go and he didn't deserve Olivia. Or at least, that's how she made herself feel better.

She smirked when Jack simply took a seat. He was as charming as ever, which Celeste honestly hated. It would be much easier to tell him off it weren't for those dark eyes and that tricky smile. She nodded easily "We really like it here. Daycare is two blocks away and there's a park really close too, so we're always busy." She explained. It was hard to look away while Jack spoke. She'd missed his slight accent, the one that only showed itself when he was comfortable. It made her want to smile, but instead she checked on Olivia, who was coloring more pictures and paying them no attention at all. So Jack was a business man? That made more sense. He had investments, businesses, but he didn't mention many specifics besides a newly renovated vintage building. "Well it sounds like you've really flourished Jack, I'm almost proud of you." She said teasingly, smiling at him softly. He quickly changed the subject to what she was doing and Celeste shrugged. "I work for a magazine as a fashion editor, and I own a boutique downtown. I'm really busy, but I have great people working for me and the best assistant." She teased, gesturing to her scribbling daughter. "When she's not at daycare she's always with me, has her own desk in my office and a little office in the back room of the shop. Days off are rare but we make it work." She explained. Celeste was quite proud of her success, she eventually planned on just owning her shop and not always working for the magazine, but she did both until she could quit one.

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So they were settled into Dublin? Interesting, very interesting. Jack had to try very hard to not feel like she moved here because of him. Jack quirked a brow when she teased him, why was this so easy? Falling back into an easy pattern of teasing one another? No, no they couldn’t do this. She had a kid, possibly someone else’s kid. But did that even matter to him? Jack didn’t know, it was all too much to think about right then. Celeste spoke of her career with confidence, she included Olivia, they seemed to be best friends almost. Jack felt a foreign emotion and did his best to stamp it down. Feeling, showing feelings, that was dangerous, and he wasn’t going to do that today.

“Sounds like you’re making a name for yourself love, I hope everything turns out the way you want,” Jack almost reached for Celestes hand, his hand reached out, his fingers skimmed the back of her hand. Damn if he didn’t want to take her and lay her on his bed and do what they did best, when there was no talking involved then there was no risk of yelling. Hell sometimes the yelling led to the bed. But that didn’t look like an option right then, “Have you lived here long?” Jack had just moved back from Paris, he had been living in the hotel he’d bought because of Celeste the past four years, it was only the last week that he came to the point that he could leave it. He would never reveal to anyone that. That he had an emotional attachment to a building because he’d bought it and reconstructed it in the city where he’d taken his ex for the first time, where he had let her best friend open a bakery downstairs. It was nothing he would admit, his unhealthy attachment to a building, when all he had to do was hit a private investigator and find her. He was a coward, but that was all going to be pushed down, way down.

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Jack seemed interested as he spoke about her work, and when she mentioned Olivias involvement, his eyes flickered with some real emotion; someone she had rarely ever seen from Jack. He was skilled at keeping his feelings hidden deep beneath the surface, but Celeste had always been able to crack that shell. That is, until she couldn't. It had been hard to walk away from jack at 18, but he hadn't given her a choice. After months of basically exclusive dating and being around each other 24/7, Jack had decided that Celeste wasn't enough, and began to act like they'd never been exclusive in the first place. He called her crazy for being upset, and she'd sworn after that day that she wouldn't let anyone hurt her again. It hadn't stuck, but she'd tried like hell. Seeing that emotion in Jacks eyes made her heart hurt, and Celeste avoided his gaze quickly. She wasn't going to fall for Jack again, she had to keep herself and Olivia safe from him.

"Thanks Jack," she said quietly, smiling at him. Her gaze turned steely though when his fingers brushed her hand, and she instinctively moved her hand away. It was just a fraction of an inch, but it spoke volumes, and Celeste felt stupid after the reaction had happened. Why couldn't she just be normal? She tried to quickly answer his next question to clear the air. "About three years now. I moved over when I was offered my job. Liv was 2 and my parents offered to relocate with me, so we all just packed up and left the US. We love it here though, Bex visits whenever she can and we have a lot of friends from Livs school." She explained. "What about you? Are you new to town right now? I can't believe we haven't bumped into each other with your office so close." She said, glancing down at Livs drawing and offering compliments to her newly scribbled fairy.

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She had been here for three fucking years? Jack rubbed a hand over his face, and tried not to be offended by her flinching from his touch. He deserved that, maybe. But it still hurt, Jack had missed Celeste since the day she walked away from him. If he had just come home he could’ve seen her all the sooner. He was an idiot, Jack just smiled and nodded as she explained. Then the tables were turned on him, he waved down the waiter and asked for espresso, then he gave his answer.

“I’ve been in Paris for the past four years Celeste,” He pushes in before he could overthink, “I’ve been staying in the hotel we talked about buying together. I bought it, I’m still putting the finishing touches on it, but I get business from it.” He didn’t mention that it was bought because of her, that he would never give that building up. That she had never been replaced, but apparently he had, possibly, since she had a kid. “I just moved back this week... I have an office in Paris, and now here. I’d like to expand to other places eventually. So the daycare is good? For Olivia? I mean it’s not my business... I was just curious. Are you... happy?”

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Celeste watched as jack scrubbed a hand across his face in frustration. It confused her slightly.. it was fairly obvious he hadn't been looking for her. She could've been found easily, especially with her boutique she owned by herself. Had he missed her? It sure as hell seemed like it. Celeste supposed she's missed him too, I'm a certain way. She'd dated since Jack of course, but nothing really stuck. None of the men she went on dates with had even met Olivia. She was very picky with the people allowed around her daughter. She ran a hand through her blonde hair and sipped at her latte as he waved down the waiter and ordered an espresso. She raised a brow at this, since it seemed like Jack would be sharing their table for more than a minute or two.

She felt a stab in her chest when she thought of Paris. Jack had brought here there years ago on a surprise trip, where they'd seen the beaten up hotel that jack apparently owned now. "Oh my god you actually bought it?" She asked, her eyes sparkling. "I loved that old place, do you have any pictures of what you've done with it?" She asked curiously. "So do you think you'll have a hotel here soon enough?" She wondered aloud. Jack asked if she was happy and Celeste nodded without a beat. "Honestly Jack, shes all I'll ever need." She said softly, so Olivia wouldn't be too embarrassed. Her daughter had come into her life in a whirlwind and left nothing but love behind her. Celeste had no idea where she'd be without her. "Liv loves it here, I love it here. We've really made ourselves a home." She muttered, feeling sappy about it now that jack had asked.

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Jack took the small cup the waiter offered him and dipped from it as Celeste spoke, he smiled when she asked about the hotel and if he had pictures. She then went on to explain that she and Olivia were quite happy, which did something to him. He felt good, yet terrible, that she was happy and said that Olivia was all she would ever need. Did that mean he was nothing to her now? Jack pulled out his phone and opened up his pictures before sliding the phone over to her, careful not to touch her this time since she seemed to have an aversion to his touch now.

“Yes I have lots of pictures. It’s my favorite place,” Jack was proud of the success he had had with the hotel, he also was proud that he had it decorated specifically to what she had suggested when they had dreamed about buying it. They were just kids then, hell they weren’t that old now, but he felt he had grown some since then. Heart break did that to a person, Jack set his cup down, observing the sweet little girl that was drawing, she was polite, yet had a big personality it would seem, she had a confidence to her. Jack looked over at Celeste, she had done a fine job raising this little girl, on her own it would seem. That was something. Jack wondered what the bloody hell he was doing. This wasn’t him, wondering about a woman with a child, of course this was a special case, this was the love of his life. The one he just watched walk away and didn’t chase. He was an idiot. “What do you think? About the hotel?”

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(Liv is totally gonna give jack her drawing to tug on his heartstrings lmaooo)

Celeste eagerly accepted Jack's phone, she had loved that hotel from the moment they'd set eyes on it, and had always thought she'd be there to help him with renovations. She'd had a vision, back when they were in high school, of renovating the old hotel to have a classic French style, with lots of chandeliers and gold accents. They'd wanted people to feel like they were inside an old chateau. When she saw the photos, her jaw dropped. "Oh, Jack is gorgeous." She told him quickly, swiping through the photos to find dark walls framed with gold trim, overstuffed furniture in every room, wrought iron accents, and enough chandeliers to make Marie Antoinette jealous. "I can see why it's your favorite place, you've done an amazing job with it."

When Celeste glanced up, Jack was looking at Olivia thoughtfully, with a certain kindness in his eyes that made her heart melt for the Irish boy all over again. They'd been so close once. She could easily remember when Jack was the love of her life, the man she saw herself building a life with. She hadn't told him, but she'd planned on moving to Paris with him after school, to help him renovate and start his hotel. Looking back, it was a blessing that she hadn't, seeing as Jack eventually got bored with her anyway. She looked over at Olivia herself and felt her heart swell. Her little girl was drawing a huge polka Maybe? She couldn't tell, maybe it was a dog. It didn't matter though. The life she'd built for herself and Olivia was worth every bit of the heartbreak and then some. Jack was confusing her though, making her wish he was a part of it all. But that was silly, because the Jack McCloud she knew thought children were disgusting.

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Jacks eyes flitted to Celeste as she praised the hotel, he couldn’t help the swell of pride in his chest. He made sure not to let it show though, he was happy she liked it though. How was it this woman could make his heart race and stop all at the same time? He was a blur of emotions and he couldn’t pick just one right then to focus in on. She was too close, yet so far away, he had the urge to hold her on his lap, yet shake her for walking away from them. He knew he was an ass, but damn, he just needed time. Now was it too late? He didn’t have any idea. He hoped not, yet how to to go about even talking about that.

“I just wanted it to represent us,” he said quietly enough as to not draw attention from Olivia. He was referring to the hotel, but so much more too. “Love,” Jack cleared his throat and tugged at his tie some, “Can we schedule a time to talk, eh well catch up?” He arched a brow as his eyes went from her to Olivia meaningfully. He assumed she would not want Olivia around if he was to talk of their past or anything alluding to a possible future. Was he making the right move? Maybe not, but he wanted the chance to at least talk to her, and for the love of all that was holy to figure out the age of Olivia. Because if she was his.... if she was his then his entire world, and theirs, would definitely change. Even if that meant that he and Celeste never patched things up, he would be in his daughters life, he felt a fierceness all of a sudden at the possibility of being the little ones da.

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Celeste was still swiping through photos when Jack said he wanted the hotel to represent them. She was surprised by his words, she hasn't really thought Jack would keep her in mind for anything, considering how they'd ended things. He was angry when she walked away, trying to convince her that she was being ridiculous and emotional, but Celeste had walked away for her own good. She glanced over at him and smiled softly "You did a good job Jack, it's just how I pictured it back then." She promised.

Then Jack asked about seeing her and catching up, and he was glancing at Olivia in attempt to communicate that he wanted to see her alone. Celeste but down on her lip and glanced his way with a very knowing look. She wasn't sure if that was a good idea. If Olivia wasn't around, she was nervous of what she might do. It would be so easy to fall into Jacks arms. But then she realized he may not even want that. What if he just wanted to catch up? Maybe he wasn't attracted to her anyway, after she'd gained some weight and had a child. It stung to even think that way, since she couldn't deny that she still thought he was even more handsome than he used to be. "Uhm..." Celeste thought for a few minutes, then sighed. Jack probably had questions. And he had a right to the answers. "Okay, yeah." She pursed her lips and glanced at Liv. "Miss Olivia here has a sleepover at her nanas tonight, so if you want we could do something then?" She suggested. She could just give Jack her cell number and they could arrange for dinner or a nice walk or something. Tonight was really all she could do, and she was supposed to be doing photo shoot edits, but why not just hang out with her ex instead? That made tons of sense.

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Olivia was as distracting as her mother, in a good way. She was cheerful, passionate about her coloring, she had a smile that would break hearts later on. Jacks attention went back to her mother, Celeste was thinking, he knew that face. She was considering whether to meet with him later, he felt the need to reassure her, but held back. Because that was what Jack did, he didn’t act on his feelings, he pushed them away until they burst forward and whoever was closest got the brunt of it. Maybe he should change that tactic, but he would investigate that thought further later. She agreed to meet him later, he gave her one of his charming smiles.

“We can go eat somewhere, a place with lots of people, if that makes you feel more comfortable ?” He couldn’t say what made him tell her that, but he felt he needed to. “And maybe we can stop somewhere and get miss Olivia a treat?” He gave Olivia a friendly wink. They could pick her up a stuffed animal or a bag of candy maybe. He wasn’t sure what a girl her age would want more. He did know he wanted to make her smile at him like she did her mum, maybe make her mum smile at him like she did her daughter. It had been so long since he’d heard her laugh, felt her skin, it was possible he’d never experience either of those things, it was worth a shot though.

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Jack seemed happy when Celeste finally agreed to go out to dinner with him. It seemed like an innocent enough idea. He was probably curious who Olivias father was. She didn't exactly want to answer that question, but she couldn't lie to him. And technically, there had been one other guy back then, but that had been a quick, so she was 90% sure Jack was the father. It had been easy to keep it a secret up to this point, but how was she supposed to tell jack a half truth? She couldn't. She'd have to tell him. And that terrified her. He would be angry or disgusted, and would probably run away twice as fast as she had four years ago.

"Sure, Jack. That sounds nice. Want to meet back here at, like, 7? I drop Livy off at 6." She told him. Celeste was still trying to speak quietly. But then Jack was talking about candy and stuffed animals for Liv. Oh he definitely had a clue of what was going on. Her daughter had perked up at the mention of candy, and she was not-so-subtly trying to listen in on what they were saying. "She'll want the candy." Celeste pretended to whisper behind her hand, watching Olivia nod excitedly.

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“Seven would be great, should we eat at Bastible? My friend is a sous chef there,” Jack nodded, “And of course we will pick Olivia up a bag of candy after.” Jack was pleased with how Olivia lit up at the mention of them getting her a treat. He kind of felt guilty for excluding the little girl, but he and her mother desperately needed to have an adult conversation. Jack stood up, he pulled a wad of bills out of his pocket and laid them on the table. He bent down as if to kiss Celeste on the cheek on instinct, then he stepped back instead. Respecting her wishes was hard, not because he didn’t respect her, but because he wanted to have her in his arms like it used to be. To have her sit in his lap and kiss him like old times. Instead he gave an awkward wave to the two girls. “I’ll see you then, goodbye princes- uh Celeste, it was a pleasure to meet you Olivia.” He did walk around to tousle her hair lightly, he hoped that wasn’t pushing things with Celeste. His eyes met hers over the little girls head. (They’re killing me)

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Celeste usually didn't go to fancy restaurants. If it didn't have a kids menu, she couldn't bring Liv, and then what's was the point? She guessed it would be nice to have a real grown up dinner. She nodded easily "That sounds good." She agreed, knowing she'd have to drag out a nice outfit for it. She always missed Olivia when she went to her moms for the night, but she supposed this would be an okay distraction, as long as she didn't end up spilling all her secrets to her ex. Jack threw money and the table and Celeste rolled her eyes "Uhm, no thanks Jack." She said, shoving the bills back into his jacket pocket when he leaned down close to her. He was about to kiss her cheek and thankfully stopped himself. She didn't want to think about what wouldn't happen if he had gone through with it. she'd be bright red and frozen, most likely. Jack said goodbye and accidentally called her princess, but it was really how he said goodbye to Olivia that made him smile. She handed him her latest artwork. It was the odd polka dotted horse. "This is for you" the litter girl chirped, then grimaced when he tousled her hair. Olivia always hated people fussing up her hair, but Jack didn't know that, so the little girl simply stuck her tongue out at her mothers friend playfully, wishing she could mess up his hair in revenge
(Same they're so cute)

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(I’m not sure how he would react to her tousling his hair instead 😂) Jack wasn’t all that happy about Celeste returning the money, but his heart simply went to mush when Olivia handed him her drawing, Jack grinned like an idiot and held the paper like it was gold. “Thank you Olivia,” he spoke her name fondly, before waving to them both and heading down the street. He looked back twice to watch them before turning a corner and leaning against the building. He wasn’t sure why but his heart hurt. Jack pounded his chest a couple of times and then went on to his office, he had work to do, and this would be the best way to distract himself from Celeste until it was time for dinner. As he walked he looked through old photos, photos of him and Celeste, he still had a few. They were young and care free then, now they both had stable jobs and one of them, possibly two of them, had a kid too. What had happened? Jack had never thought of the future really until Celeste. She had made him look at things differently, and when he had finally started opening up to her he had to go and ruin it for both of them because he couldn’t handle emotions like a normal human.

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(If she was taller she would've, but 4 year olds are too short)
Hours later, Celeste was dropping Olivia off at her moms house. They lived in a townhouse on the outskirts of Dublin and had a huge backyard that Olivia was obsessed with. She'd have a great time, and Celeste gave her daughter hugs and kisses after visiting with her parents for a few minutes. Olivia reminded her to not forget her candy, but before her mother could even respond, she was running out towards the swing set, with both of celestes parents excitedly following her. She felt nerves brewing in her stomach and frowned. It was just Jack, right? But Jack wasn't just anything. He was the man who'd broken her heart so badly that she hadn't really wanted anyone else, the one that turned her off from love for years.

Celeste shook the thought away and decided not to be so dramatic. She hopped into the backseat of her care service and let the driver take her home, where she rushed inside in attempt to not be late for her dinner with Jack. She changed into a form fitting burgundy dress that had a high neckline. That seemed like a safe choice, and hopefully she wouldn't be putting out the idea to Jack that anything romantic would be happening. It was still a gorgeous dress, but her cleavage was hidden, so she was satisfied. Celeste curled her hair haphazardly and threw on some bracelets and a pair of earrings. She hadn't been anywhere without her daughter in months, and she was nervous as all hell. She slipped on a pair of black heels and slung a small purse over her shoulder. She'd made sure her cellphone was on loud, so she would know if anything happened with Olivia. But Celeste really wasn't worried about that as she slipped into the town car and was driven to Jacks fancy ass restaurant, she was worried about sitting at a table with Jack McCloud, and how their evening would be going.

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Jack got out of the black car that had taken him back to the hotel after work. He ran a hand through his hair, which was unusual for him, he was particular about his hair. Jack went inside after muttering a hello to the doorman. The hotel wasn’t exactly up to date, yet. But he and his team in Dublin were working on it. Jack went to the newly renovated elevator, the first thing he’d had fixed, and took it to the top floor. He would always stay in the top floor, more out of habit than anything else. Jack tugged off his tie and went to the bathroom to shower and get ready for his date, hm perhaps he shouldn’t think of it as that, more of a meet up. Jack got ready, putting on a fresh suit and fixing his hair. He was nervous to meet Celeste, what if she didn’t want to answer any of his questions? Or asked him to leave her and her daughter alone for the rest of their lives? Jack couldn’t imagine that, but he was Jack, so surely she would t just throw away their history together? He got back into his car and headed to the restaurant. His mate had made sure that he was on the list for the evening. Jack scrolled through emails until they arrived at the meeting place. He reminded his driver that he would text him when he was ready to go home, then stepped out and buttoned his jacket. He looked around for Celeste, he spotted her getting out of a car similar to his own. “Hello love,” he spoke as he approached her. “Ready to go in?” Jack started toward the host who was waiting with a clipboard, Jack gave his name and a waiter showed up to lead them to their table.

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Celeste was about to open the door when she felt Jack come up beside her. She smiled softly at him, resting a gentle hand on his arm. She felt bad about jerking away from his touch earlier, it had been childish. She and jack have both grown in the past four years, there was no need to treat him like the man who'd disappointed her. He was older and hopefully a little wiser. She was about to find out, with no Olivia around Jack had no need to sensor his words. "Hi Jack, how was the rest of your day?" She asked him, lightly holding onto his arm as they were shown to a private little table tucked in a quiet corner of the restaurant. Jack pulled out her chair for her as always and Celeste sat down delicately. "Olivias off at my moms now, she runs through that door and doesn't look back. They have a huge playscape in their yard for her that she spends hours on." She rambled, feeling nervous about being so very alone with Jack McCloud.

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After pushing Celestes chair in Jack rounded and sat in his own chair, unbuttoning his suit jacket as he did so. He smiled, confidently, towards Celeste, “My afternoon was busy, thank you for asking. What about yours? Sounds like Olivia is in her happy place. Your parents must dote on her, I know I would.” Jack ordered a white whine that he knew Celeste would enjoy, it was sweet and light. Then returned his attention to her after requesting two waters as well from their waiter, “Do you want anything else to drink?” He eyed the waiter, wishing for the man to just leave so that they could talk, but he knew the poor bloke was just doing his job. Jack had so many questions and a limited amount of time to get them out and convince Celeste to meet with him again, if he could interest her into doing so. Maybe she didn’t find him so dashing anymore, though he wasn’t sure how that would be possible for any woman.

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Celeste smiled when Jack ordered some wine and a water for her. He had always ordered for her when they'd gone out back in the day. She always thought it was a mix of wanting to show off how well he knew her and some sort of manly instinct to take care of her. Whatever it was, it still made Celeste want to blush, as annoying as that was. Jack seemed breezy and confident and she wasn't sure how he was pulling that off, when her hands were practically shaking under the table. She'd been thinking all day of how to answer his questions, and she still had no idea what to say. "Oh it's always busy when I have a day for just Liv. We went to the children's museum in town before I dropped her off at my parents." Jack said they must dote on her, and he was right, but his next words felt like a punch in the gut. I know I would. Yeah, she'd say Jack had definitely grown up a bit over the years. "They do. They followed us here and retired to be closer to Liv. That kid has a way of becoming your whole world so fast." She said softly, smiling at the thought. Before Olivia, she'd cared more about partying and toying with whatever guy she found handsome that day. And she still loved a good party, but she'd pass it up any day for a movie night with her daughter.

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Jack waved the waiter away and focused his attention on Celeste as she spoke of her daughter and her family. It made him happy for but also a bit jealous. He hadn’t been a part of any of it, and he felt like he’d missed something. He pushed the thoughts away, he had no right. He’d been a total jackass to her, James had used those words actually. His best friend had a way with being blunt at times.

“Celeste...” Jack did his best to not appear to eager, “May I ask who is Olivias da?” His accent came out towards the end, showing his nerves. “It’s just she seems to be about four or five and that would mean she was conceived around the time we were together and if that is true...” Jack put his hand on the table, halfway across so that if she felt like holding his hand she could. “That means she’s my daughter. Our daughter. Celeste that, that would change everything.” His heart was beating, fast, hard, and he was practically holding his breath as he waited for her to answer him. It was best to get the most important question out first.

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Jack didn't exactly wasted time asking her who olivias father is. He really jumped right into the tough stuff, and Celeste turned bright red as soon as he asked. He started to ramble on about Olivias age and he had obviously already done the math. "She's four." Celeste blurted out. Jack was saying that if he was Olivias father, everything would change. Problem was, she wasn't so sure that she wanted anything to change. But she didn't have a right to deny him the truth. Celeste took a moment to gather herself and immediately looked guilty. "I think you're her father Jack. I'm not sure but, I think so." She said softly. Celeste wouldn't meet his gaze, staring at anywhere but Jack. She became very busy with her glass of wine. "After we... uhm...broke up. I was upset and wanted to get over you. So I kind of slept with someone else right when I got home for the summer. But you and I were never..careful and with that other guy I was." Celeste knew she was rambling and tried to collect herself. "And she has your dimples, and your hair. So I think..I really think you are." She said quietly "I'm sorry I didn't come to you. I was scared you'd reject me and Liv." Celeste was quiet afte that, hoping jack wouldn't scream at her or call her an idiot. He had a right to be angry, and she felt guilty as all hell.

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Jacks jaw slackened some when she said she thought he was the father, he knew that it was a high possibility, but it was different to hear it. A slew of emotions went through him all at once. If he had been alone he may have thrown things, but he wasn’t, and he certainly wouldn’t upset Celeste. He took a few deep breaths, things were about to change. He wasn’t sure of the details, but he, Jack McCloud, had a daughter. The waiter showed up and poured their wine, Jack waited, impatiently, for him to leave. But he didn’t, then Jack realized he was waiting on their food orders. “I’ll have whatever the chef recommends,” Jack said distracted, he waited for Celeste to order, the waiter finally disappeared and Jack had Celeste all to himself again.

“Celeste, love, I-“ Jack choked up and took a sip of the wine. “Look love, I do understand, or I’m trying to. I really am, it’s hard for me.” He waved his hand a little trying to express himself, damn therapy, it was making him weak. “Olivia, well Liv as you’ve named her, she is a McCloud? I have a lot to speak to you about. With Liv being our daughter, I have things I need to do. Accounts to be set up, inheritance to get in order, do you have a will? Who does she go to if something happens to you? Or us? You know what? Never mind for now, we can discuss that later. But she should have my name, don’t you think? It’s a good name, we should check into changing that-“ Jack drew back, he was pushing, he was being too much. He could see it by the look on her face. “Or we could just talk about me getting to know her, you, both of you. I’m sure you’ve changed over the years. I know I have,” Jack gave her a reassuring smile. He didn’t need to spook her, what if she left with Olivia? Fuck.

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Jack was clearly in shock, or at least, he was for a moment. He was calling her love, but talking about starting accounts and inheritance. He asked about her will, and changing Olivias last name. Celestes gaze turned steely and cold. She sat back in her chair and delicately picked up her wine glass, taking a sip while Jack backpedaled. "You have a right to be upset. You have a right to be angry and frustrated. I should've told you sooner, but I didn't even know what your reaction would've been Jack. I wanted Olivia, and I was scared you'd ask me to...well..give her up. I'm not saying you would've, but I was young and scared and you weren't exactly kind the last time we spoke." She said. Her tone turned very serious, very fast. "I will not try to keep you from Olivia, but i won't allow you to change a hair on her head. Her last name is Callaghan until she decides to change it, and my will is none of your goddamn business." She said furiously, a fire behind her gaze. Celeste was still sitting, but the set of her jaw did not look very good for Jack. "You have every right to be a part of her life, but she's not a possession. She's not a commodity. You aren't changing anything. Not until you can prove to both of us that you're not going to run away the first time things get complicated." She sat back and crossed her arms, her chest rising and falling quickly with a furious determination to protect her daughter.

She tried to soften her gaze. "Of course you need to get to know her, and she you. You're her father and she's going to need you, but I want you to be sure that you're ready for this before you jump in head first. It's not easy, Jack." She told him honestly. She'd spent many nights crying alone, wondering if she even had what it took to raise a fiery little girl like Olivia.

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Jack froze, Celeste was angry, she was very angry. She went off on him, and he felt pressure building with each word that came out of her mouth. Jack wanted to yell at her, to throw things, to tell her to fuck off. He was downright pissed, but he knew he couldn’t make a scene, he took several deep breaths as he looked away from Celeste, trying to gather his bearings as he thought about how to respond.

His eyes met hers once again, “I had every right to know!” He half whispered. “I wasn’t even given the choice to have a say in how she was raised, who’s name she would take, where she would live. I didn’t hear her first word, see her walk.” Jack ran a hand through his hair, showing how frustrated he was. “Blood hell Celeste I would never think of her as a possession. Of course she’s not. But,” he gave her a pointed look, “You never even gave me a chance. You just assumed. And maybe, just maybe, you were right in how you did things. I don’t know,” The fact was he really didn’t know. “I want to be a part of her life. Maybe I would’ve wanted to be back then too, maybe not. But that’s the past. I want to be a part of her life now, both of yours.” Even though right then he could’ve shaken her for not telling him anything. “I’m sure you’ve done you’re best Celeste,” He was calming down, and he didn’t want her to think that he was doubting her parenting skills. “I just would’ve appreciated being there too. I feel like I’m behind the rest of the class and I have to catch up.” Their food arrived but they both seemingly ignored it. “I’m an ass, I know I am. I’m working on it though. I swear, I’ll do right by you both. I’m not going to run off, I’m not that idiot boy any more. I have money, not my fathers money, I want to help. If you need anything, let me know. I’ll respect the no name change,” His one eyes were hard when he said this, “For now. But I would like to come back to it. Even if that means coming back to it when Olivia is old enough to discuss it.” Jack wasn’t hungry anymore, his stomach was a ball of nerves.

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Celeste wanted to laugh. It was funny, to see Jack try to place every bit of blame on her. She knew it was wrong to not tell him, but she hadn't exactly kept her child a secret. If he'd spent one second looking at her Instagram or checking up in her in any way, he would've easily seen Liv. It wasn't an excuse, but she was sick of his high and mighty attitude. "Don't you dare try to blame me for everything, Jack McCloud. I should've told you and I already apologized for that, but I'm not going to sit here and be chastised by you." She growled. Her hands were balled into fists beneath the table, she was ready to go outside and clock Jack upside the head. "What did you expect me to do?? Run back to you a month after you called me a stupid chit for thinking we were anything more than fuckbuddies?" Her voice was rising every minute, and Celeste really didn't feel like being in a restaurant anymore. She could care less about the food in front of them. "Oh you think I've done my best?! Well thanks Jack that means so much," she spat sarcastically "I don't want your money, I want you to be there for her. I want you to be a good dad and not leave her in the dust the first time she throws a fit or doesn't listen to you. And there's no way in hell im just going to take your word for it that you've changed. This is my daughter." Celeste was sick of being there, so she stood out of her seat and slung her purse over her shoulder. "You get one chance at being a parent Jack, kids remember everything. And you're obviously upset, so maybe we should talk later." She said, turning on her heel and walking out of the dining area in a huff. She pushed through the front door and just a started walking down the street. She didn't know where she was going, just away from the asshole who was trying to take her daughter away.

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Jack felt his temper rising to unexpected levels as Celeste spoke her part, why was it the two of them could bring out the worst in each other? Both hot headed when they were around one another. He was about to say something but she up and walked away, Jack fumbled with his wallet and laid bills on the table, leaving the table untouched. Jack tore out of the restaurant to chase after Celeste. She was already halfway down the block by the time he made it out. “Dammit Celeste,” he spoke under his breath before jogging to catch up to her, in one of his best suits! Jack swore and caught up with her, he didn’t speak at first, letting her stew in silence. But he could only be quiet for so long.

“You’re the most infuriating woman I’ve met in my entire life. And though you think you’re right all of the time, you’re not. And neither am I,” he held up his hands as if in surrender. “It’s obvious that Olivia means a lot to you, and she does to me too. Maybe not as much as you right now as I don’t know her, but I would do anything to get to know her. I understand you being upset, but I’m upset too. Let’s get a drink. I think we both could do with a pint. Don’t you?” Yeah drinking wasn’t the most adult way of handling things but Jack really needed a glass of whiskey and a pint right then. He didn’t think she would go back to his place with him. She was already wired and seemed to be feeling like he was attacking her. Which he would never do, or did he? Jack was conflicted, there was an internal was in himself, and an external war with Celeste.

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After a moment of furious fast walking, Celeste could hear jack coming up behind her. He was jogging by the sounds of it, which normally would've been funny if she wasn't ready to punch him. "Oh IM infuriating?" She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms childishly, but listened as Jack said what he had to say. She frowned and looked to the side. She knew she'd been wrong to not tell Jack about Liv, but she wasn't going to take all the blame. She probably should, but she wouldn't. She was Celeste, and Celeste was always right. Jack raised his hand and waved a white flag of sorts, assuring her that he was dying to get to know his daughter. "I'm not going to try and stop you or get in your way, Jack. The older she gets, the dumber I feel about not letting you into her life. She needs her dad and if you want to be there for her I would never dream of stopping you." She said in a soft tone, not really wanting to admit what she was saying. But it wasn't exactly fair for her to gatekeep their daughter. Jack deserved a chance.

He was bringing up getting a drink and Celeste nodded quickly. "Yes. Hell yes." She said, grabbing his hand and starting to pull him down the street behind her. She knew a pub that was just around the corner, and she'd half made up her mind to go there before jack even suggested drinks. It wasn't as tight laced as half the places in this part of town. Celeste was waving her own white flag by holding the boys hand, whether he realized that or not.

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Jack was prepared for a slap to the face, or some sort of push back, but Celeste had her say and then agreed to a drink. She took his hand and took him along the cobble stones street, their destination was assuming love you a pub or restaurant where they could grab a drink. Jack wasn’t even worried about that right then though, he was more focused on the soft, warm hand in his, his hand engulfing hers as she led them down the street. They entered a pub, it was loud and rowdy, just what they needed. Jack squeezed Celestes hand gently and walked with her to the bar, he offered her a stool and then sat beside her, breaking their hand holding. “Whiskey on the rocks and a pint, also whatever the lady is having,” Jack gestures toward Celeste, he threw her a boyish grin. This was something they were good at, drinking together. It didn’t always end well, but sometimes it could end very well. Either way, they were going to do it together. Though they may both need hangover concoctions the next morning.

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As soon as Celeste grabbed Jacks hand, he shut right up. He was probably a little shocked, but he definitely wasn't complaining. Celeste walked them both into a classic Irish pub, with loud, drunk people all around them. Jack lead her to the bar and got her a seat before sitting down next to her. He was smiling at her with the kind of devilish smile that always got her into trouble, and Celeste wondered for a minute if it was a good idea for her to be getting drunk with the only man she'd ever really loved. But then Jack was ordering and Celeste would not be left out, that would be like declining a challenge, and she would never, ever turn down a challenge. "A whiskey sour please, and I'll take a pint as well." She told the bartender, trying to avoid Jacks overly excited gaze. This was going to end...not badly, but definitely in an interesting way. "You scared the shit out of me back there Jack. I know I have to share her now but I've never had to before and you scared me shitless." She told him flat out. Celeste didn't shy away from looking in his eyes anymore, she was trying to think of them as being on the same team. They both wanted what was best for Olivia, right?

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Her preference of drink surprised him, he didn’t know why, nothing she did should surprise him anymore. She obviously came into her own womanhood and was doing what she wanted. She’d proven to everyone that she needed only herself and Olivia, a pang of hurt went through Jack, and realization, she didn’t need him. She did not need him. Jack took his whiskey and drained it before replying to Celestes remark. His gaze was sincere.

“Celeste I’m sorry, truly. I just want to be a part of both of your lives. You’re scaring the hell out of me too princess. You’ve done all of this on your own, do you understand how intimidating that can be?” Jack shook his head before taking a sip of his pint and nodding to the bartender to refill his whiskey. “How about this?” He leaned towards her to be heard better, “I promise not to push if you promise to let me in a little?” Jack was tempted to put a hand on her thigh, what did she think that dress was doing? Hiding her? It accentuated her curves and damn if he wasn’t checking her out. Jack quickly averted his eyes while trying to think of his nan or gross food, anything but her thighs wrapped around his waist. Jack went back to nursing his pint and drinking his second whiskey slowly, savoring the taste as it should be.

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Her whiskey was in front of her quickly, and being next to Jack absolutely drive her to drink. He was looking so handsome in the light of the pub, downing his whiskey easily. Celeste followed suit and slid the glass back towards the bartender, trying to listen to Jack and not just stare at him. His face had changed over the years, his jaw had become more defined and he no longer had a boyish look to him. No, unfortunately for her, Jack was all man now. He took a sip of his beer and explained to Celeste that he was scared to, seeing her juggle all of parenthood by herself. She had her glass to her lips when he said it, and she laughed so hard, she was a bit worried beer would come out of her nose. She shook her head at Jack and looked over at him. "You have no idea how screwed I was in the beginning. I loved her so much but I was not ready to be a mom when she was first born, I had to grow up really fast for her." She explained, nursing her second whiskey sour. "It was all worth it though. You'll be fine as long as you're patient.

Jack leaned closely and Celeste felt herself heat up considerably. She tried to ignore it by gulping her beer as she listened to him barter with her. So if she let him in, he wouldn't push her? "I think we both know it's doubtful that either of those things will happen, but I promise I'll try." She said, leaning close to his ear in return to speak to him. "Wanna go snag that booth in the corner? It might be easier to talk there." She suggested. Plus, they'd be on different sides of a table, so maybe she wouldn't be as tempted to crawl into Jacks lap. It was insane to her that she felt this way, after screaming at him ten minutes ago, but she and jack had always been that way.

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Jack rose a brow as Celeste explained that in the beginning she wasn’t quite as confidant as she was now. You wouldn’t know it, when she was around their daughter she had all the confidence of a seasoned parent. Jack nursed his drink as he listened to her speak, her tongue would loosen the more she drank, he knew that much from experience. She suggested they go to a booth in the corner, he nodded and took his drinks as he followed her to the booth, after sliding in he took a pretty big swig from his pint.

“If we do this,” He motioned between the two of them. “There has to be some rules.” Jack tried to look very serious, then bursted our laughing, “Us? Rules? Besides the rule of never fighting in front of Olivia, I think we’ll be alright. Aye the two of us will make great parents.” Jack felt like he would royally screw up as a parent, but he wasn’t about to tell her that and then have her not let him see little Liv. “Well you already are one. I’ll have to make some strides in the parenting world. Aren’t there books to help with such things?” He wondered how Celeste had done it all on her own. It must have been nerve racking, he respected her in an entirely new way. Jack was slightly panicked about the whole parenting thing, so he changed the subject. He leaned halfway over the table, “Tell me love, did you think of me at all while we were apart?”

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Jack listened to her intently, while she rambled on. It was hard, not having many adults to talk to regularly. With jack in front of her and one whiskey in her system, she was ready to spill her soul to Jack, which she was fairly sure she'd be doing in...approximately a half an hour. Maybe only fifteen minutes, if he was lucky. He agreed to switching tables so Celeste grabbed her things and led them over to the booth, after of course, telling the bartender to keep their drinks coming. She sat down and watched jack take a huge sip of his beer. Then he started to tell her that they would need ground rules and her brow quirked up into the air. She figured if someone was laying ground rules, it should be her. But then a smirk formed on Jacks lips and he started to laugh. Celeste laughed with him, realizing how much she missed the sound of Jacks loud belly laugh. She took a sip of her whiskey and shrugged. "I don't think either of us ever both to follow rules anyway, what would be the point in making them?" She questioned.

"You're right though, no fighting in front of Liv. And no letting her into our fights. We're obviously going to fight, but we have to keep her out of it." She agreed. Jack was asking about books and Celeste rolled her eyes "Yeah they have books but you don't need those damn things. Just let Liv tell you what she needs and take care of her, she'll love you forever. She's the sweetest kid Jack, you don't have to worry." She assured him, resting a hand on his across the table. She could tell Jack was terrified to be a parent, but as long as he stayed patient and let Olivia do her thing, he'd be fine. Celeste thought they were talking about olivia, but then Jack was leaning across the table, his deep brown eyes looking into hers, asking her if she'd ever thought of him in the four years they'd spent apart. She froze in her spot and looked back at him, her hand still resting against his. Her eyes turned a bit dark and she nodded truthfully. "Of course I did. All the time. We had something real and it will always have a special place to me." Celeste was practically whispering, trying not to be too loud about her emotions. "Did you think of me?" She asked, terrified to hear the answer.

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Was it possible for Jack and Celeste to have something again? She said that he would always have a special place with her. What about in the future ? Would she ever want him again like she did before? Could she ever trust him again? He felt himself replying to her question before he could stop himself, he blamed it on the alcohol.

“Of course I thought about you, every damn day. How could I not?” Jack maneuvered their hands so that they were holding hands, gently. “You... Celeste you changed my life. Walking away from me, it made me grow up a lot. I changed after that, it was a pretty big reality check that I needed to work on me so that I could be a better guy down the road.” Jack didn’t mean to open up that much, but he figured he might as well keep going. “I have tried to be with other girls love, none of them match up to you. Celeste I’ve missed you every day.” He squeezed her hand for emphasis. “I know I’ve done nothing to show you how much I’ve grown up, but I hope I’ll get the chance to. Gods you’re gorgeous,” he reached out with his free hand and touched a piece of her hair, he’d always loved it.

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They were both being ridiculous, drinking and talking about their relationship instead of their daughter. But how could they not? They'd ended on such a sour note four years ago, and apparently, Jack had missed her every day. She was confused by that, seeing as he hadn't come and found her, but how could she judge? She hadn't gone after him either. She'd kept her distance, afraid to get hurt. Jack was holding her hands and telling her how she'd changed him for the better, Celestes eyes grew slightly wide and her head tilted to the side in confusion. "Then why didn't you come find me?" She asked softly, holding his hands back gently. Jack was soon enough admitting that he'd tried to date other girls, which, of course he had, but it still hurt to hear that he'd done everything in his power to replace her, instead of simply calling her and apologizing. But he was Jack, what could she really expect from him?

"I tried to date too. Bex set me up with a bunch of guys she met at work and I've been on a couple dates with guys from the gym. One of the relationships almost got serious enough for him to meet Olivia, but I got scared and shooed him off a few days before that was going to happen." She explained, leaning her face towards his touch as he played with her hair. It was a very familiar, comfortable experience, especially with the alcohol in her system. Jacks hands always had a way of being warm and gentle when it came to Celeste, and she didn't think she'd ever grow tired of it. It sounded like Jack was suggesting they give their relationship another go, but Celeste looked at him with worry in her eyes. "It's not that I don't trust you, Jack. Well I don't really trust you yet either so I guess it's partly that. But, we can't be confusing Olivia. If we were to have another chance...we'd have to keep it from her until we knew what we were doing." She told him softly, trying not to sound cruel. Of course she wanted another chance with Jack, but if it ended in flames again, what would that mean for them as parents? They would still have a daughter to raise, a very confused daughter who thought her mom and dad were together. "It's not that I don't want to, Jack. I'm just scared. We're parents we can't just do whatever we want." She told him, biting down on her bottom lip in worry. Jack called her gorgeous and she could feel herself forgetting any reason to hold back, but she shook herself mentally, trying to stay sane and functional in front of her daughters father.

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Why didn’t he come find her? That was a question he wasn’t sure he was ready to answer quite yet, because she may not understand him. He tried not to flinch when she mentioned dating other guys. He had dated other girls, he would be a hypocrite if he said anything. Jack felt the buzz of alcohol in his system, he considered everything Celeste said. She was right of course, if they decided to date, of there was even a chance at it, it would have to be kept very private. Olivia, their families, they couldn’t know. Maybe their best friends could know, but it still needed to be kept hush hush. There was a little person involved now, it made the entire situation different.

“Aye, we’ll keep it under wraps. I don’t blame you for not trusting me, I wouldn’t trust me either. Parents,” he shook his head, “Who would’ve thought?” Jack felt good just then, it was part alcohol and partly Celeste being in front of him. “Celeste, I wanted to look for you. I don’t want you to think I just forgot about you, I never did, not for a second. I just wanted to become a better man before I approached you. I needed to be better, for you, for our future. I didn’t want you to see the same Jack that you saw before the one that cheated on you just to hide his feelings. You may think I’m lying, or you may not understand,” Jack cupped her cheek with his hand, “But princess there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t think of you. And now that we have a daughter, I feel so many things. And I may not be able to express them right away, but I’ll try.” He didn’t mention he was seeing a therapist to help with that, or that he had fired and rehired this therapist over and over again because he was made to sort out his feelings.

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They were talking about a relationship, and Celeste truly wanted to know if this was some kind of cruel trick. She never thought she'd be there with Jack, discussing the possibility of a real relationship like rational adults. Of course the liquor was definitely helping, and Celeste took another gulp from her drink while Jack was seemingly pondering her words. It was interesting to see him do that; it wasn't something he'd done often when they'd first been together. Jack had always been impulse decisions and knee jerk reactions, but he was truly thinking through what he was about to say. She realized then that he truly had grown, he must've been doing something right lately.

Celeste shook herself from her thoughts, placing her drink back on the table and trying to sort through her half drunk mind. It was hard thought when Jack looked so handsome. Something about the lighting in the pub and the way he was looking at her so carefully, like she was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. It was magical, and it was why Celeste always got in trouble with Jack. They both agreed to keep things under wraps and Celeste felt a hum of excitement in her chest. This was going to happen. But then Jack was admitting that he'd wanted to be better for her, wanted to become a different version of himself that wouldn't hurt her, and she could see that he was telling the truth. He placed a hand against her cheek and Celestes eyes fluttered at the warmth of his hand. She leaned into his palm as she looked across the table at Jack, her eyes filled with a love she thought she'd forgotten. "I promise to listen and not run off as soon as you scare me next time." She said quietly, her gaze drifting down to his lips. They were begging to be kissed, and Celeste couldn't say no. She closed the space between them slowly and gently, trying to make sure they were on the same page. Her lips brushed against his and celeste pressed forward just a bit, her lips softly entwining with his. It was rash and too soon, but Celeste had never been one to follow the rules.

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Jack could tell Celeste was being sincere when she said that she wouldn’t run off when things got hard. She looked content to have him touching her and he felt a relief at her not flinching from his touch. She leaned forward and kissed him, just barely a kiss, but their lips met and Jack could swear there was electricity between them. He moved his hand from her cheek to her hair, he deepened the kiss, waiting a moment, seeing if she would pull back, when she didn’t he continued kissing her, his yearned to be closer to her. Which was quite impossible considering there was an entire table between them. It was probably better that way, otherwise they would be all over each other. A throat being cleared broke the drunken love craze that Jack seemed to be pulled into. He broke contact with Celeste, giving her a mischievous, boyish smile before turning to the waiter that stood with drinks for them.

“Thanks mate,” the young guy, couldn’t have been more than 18, smiled at Celeste, completely ignoring Jack. He took his drink and ignored the waiter as he attempted to flirt with Celeste. He was not going to have a tussle with this man child, he would show Celeste he had matured. Jack eyed Celeste, he could see why the kid would want to flirt with her, she was the prettiest woman in the room. He reached out and brushed his fingers against the back of her hand.

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Celeste hadn't even thought about what she was doing, the alcohol in her veins stopped her from worrying about things. Sure he'd broken her heart before, and yeah, they needed to have a functional adult relationship to raise Olivia together. But those lips, they were just so damn kissable. Her lips met his and Celeste felt frozen against him, unwilling to move away. Jack accepted her kiss and deepened it, his lips pressing against her passionately. His hand moved to her hair and any rational thoughts she had left flew out the window. Jacks lips were warm and sour from the whiskey, and her tongue slipped into his mouth, exploring. It was new, too, not like when they were young and stupid. They were still young, and still stupid, but, Jacks mouth tangled with hers in a way that made Celeste yearn for privacy. Just when she was about to pull him away from the table that was keeping them apart, someone coughed. Jack was the first to pull away, seeing as Celeste simply didn't care if their passion bothered others. That was their problem.
But Jack was looking at her with a smirk and his eyes were so handsome. They were deep and brown and Celeste decided right then that she wouldn't mind drowning in them. A hand placed a drink in front of her, but she barely cared. That is, until the young waiter started talking to her, greeting her and asking her if she came to the pub often. Her gaze finally broke from Jack, and she looked up at the boy confused. "What?" She asked, her brows knitted. She had no idea why this boy was trying to talk to her, and she made that very clear from the expression on her face. She was half dazed from her kisses with Jack, and this boy was annoying her. Jacks fingers brushed against the back of her hand and she looked back at him, a small smile dancing across her lips as she looked at her sort of date. Turning back to the young boy, she decided to let him down easy "I think were all set for now, thank you though." She said, trying to pretend he'd simply been doing his job, but dismissing him all the same. She looked back to Jack and rolled her eyes, turning her palm to hold his, her thumb rubbing against his much larger hand. "What are we doing?" She asked softly, smiling at their idiocy.

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The boy waiter was lost over Celeste but she let him down, Jack had to truly school his expression so that he didn’t mock fun at the waiters expense. His attention was drawn further into the situation at hand though as Celeste held his hand and asked breathlessly what they were doing. His smile probably betrayed all of the feelings running through him, “We’re going to do everything, but not here. Your place or mine?” Jack stood up, never letting go of her hand, leading her away from the table, he had paid beforehand handsomely, so they didn’t have to worry about the tab. The couple was quite the attraction, it was obvious that they were into only one another, with flushed cheeks and bright eyes.

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She stared at Jack, hoping for some common sense to come out of his mouth. But his eyes were dark and excited when he met her glance. Then he told her they'd be doing everything, and Celeste bit down on her lip, hard. Her eyes grew wide at his words and she nodded slowly "oh, uh, okay." She agreed, standing up from the table with jack. As soon as they were both standing, Celeste stayed close to Jack, gripping his hand and squeezing playfully. "I guess that all depends," she started, her eyes shining as they walked out of the pub together "Who's place is closer?" She asked, grinning evilly at Jack. She knew he'd want to get privacy as much as she would. Celeste let her eyes drag over Jacks form for the first time in four years. He was ridiculously chiseled and looking like something she'd like to eat, and it was getting harder and harder to hide that from him.

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They exited the crowded pub, the air outside felt good. Jack pulled Celeste into his arms, “I don’t know which is closer,” he leaned down and gave her a whisper of a kiss, just a temptation of what was to come. “We can go to my place,” Jack took out his phone and texted his driver. He slipped his phone back in his jacket and put his arms back around her waist. This was where they fit best, physical attraction, sexual tension, they could work the rest out later, right? He didn’t let his thoughts overtake him, instead he pulled her with him and they were soon in the back of a car, the driver taking them to the hotel Jack was staying in. His hands were all over Celeste while he kissed her, his teeth gently tugged on her bottom lip. He had his hand traveling up her thigh when his driver cleared his throat, they’d stopped. Jack threw the driver a look that said he could murder the man for disturbing them, but then he looked at Celeste and her swollen lips, pink cheeks, and lustful eyes and he was lost all over again. Jack straightened both of their wear and hair as best he could before he exited the car with her in tow. Their fingers intertwined, jack said hello to the doorman and walked inside the older hotel. He caught Celestes expression, he suddenly felt like he had to explain.

“I’m renovating this hotel. We’ve worked on some things but there is still a lot to do,” It wasn’t that the place didn’t have good bones, it just needed a gentle hand to bring it back to life. But most people wouldn’t think Jack would stay in a place that looked worn down such as the place they were in. His rooms of course were already renovated, she would see that when he got her up there. They stepped into the elevator and he put in the code for his floor. Jack pushed Celeste against the wall of the elevator gently as he encased her body with his, he framed her face with his hands and kissed her like he was starving and she was the only sustenance to satisfy him.

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Celeste was lost in the back of Jacks car, her mind swimming with thoughts of being alone with him. They were all over each other in the back seat, her arms wrapped around his shoulders and she pulling him tightly against her. Jack was kissing her and biting on her lips, making her fight back a moan. Some of it may have slipped out, she wasn't sure, but she did her best to drown whatever sounds she'd made with more ferocious kisses, her fingers running along the sides of his neck and trailing towards his chest. She was about to start getting his clothes off when the driver coughed and Celeste felt herself blush deeply. She was getting hot and heavy in the back of a car with Jack. She really thought she was over this part of her life, but Jack was obviously thrown back into her life to prove just how wrong she'd been.

Jack was soon enough pulling her into his hotel, making excuses for the appearance of the lobby and promising that he'd be renovating soon. "It's got potential Jack, I'm sure you know what to do with it." She promised, observing the high ceilings. She didn't have long to look though, as Jack pulled her into an elevator and pressed her up against the wall of it. His hands cupped her face and Celeste looked at Jack with drunken love clear in her eyes. They were soon devouring each other, kissing like they were each other's only source of oxygen. Celeste started to unbutton Jacks shirt while they kissed, her tongue mingling with his and finally letting a moan escape her lips. When the elevator doors opened, Celeste tumbled into Jacks suite, wanting nothing more than to get lost in him.

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