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message 1: by Jace (new)

Jace | 4 comments Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a beta reader for a fantasy romance novel set in a unique and magical setting.
It has a single POV, and is a light-hearted and sweet romance featuring rivals-to-lovers and mishaps with magical potions.

Title: Can't be a Love Potion (subject to change)

It was only supposed to be an empathy potion.

Sylfhe Gardener just needed her rival, Rowan Spicemerchant, to hear her out. She had struggled all her life and had a family to support. It was hard enough finding work, even with magical abilities that could turn any plant into a fantastical marvel. And Rowan was a merchant’s son. He was rich. He was handsome. And worse, he was far too flirtatious. Why did he even need work, when he could laze about, eating fruit on a divan instead?

With any luck, the empathy potion would make him kind enough to hear her out, stop stealing her jobs, and she’d never have to look at his unfairly handsome face again.

But when Rowan starts acting far more friendly than she expects, Sylfhe starts to wonder: Was it really an empathy potion? Or did she give him something far stronger?

How was she going to get rid of him now?

**A sweet high-fantasy romance Novellette, featuring rivals-to-lovers, set in the magical city of Celestine**
Feedback wanted: Is anything confusing? (Especially the fantasy elements)
Is it engaging?
Is the city map (provided) clear enough that the setting makes sense?

Thank you for reading!

*:・゚✧ Isabelle (semi-hiatus) (isabellev14) | 3 comments Hi there! Your novelette sounds great and I'd love to beta read it. Do you have any deadlines for feedback?

message 3: by Brandi Reads (new)

Brandi Reads (brandisreadingservices) | 25 comments Hi your novelette sounds intriguing!
Do you have a deadline for reading and giving feedback? Im working on a few others at the moment but can read it end of next week.

message 4: by Jace (new)

Jace | 4 comments Hi Isabelle & Brandi!

There's no firm deadlines on feedback. Within a month would be preferred, but just let me know what works best for you, or if you need more time.
Do you have emails I can reach you at?


message 5: by Brandi Reads (new)

Brandi Reads (brandisreadingservices) | 25 comments Thats great!

You can reach me via email at

*:・゚✧ Isabelle (semi-hiatus) (isabellev14) | 3 comments Hey Jace,

Sorry for the late reply! Send it over to I should be able to have it done within a month:)

message 7: by snuza (new)

snuza | 4 comments its looks great! here my email

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