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message 1: by Laura (new)

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments Hi everyone.

I'm looking for great books featuring faith, magic and the human spirit.
Those in the vein of The Curse of Chalion and Flesh and Spirit

MCs that become heroes against their better judgment so to say (like Caz and Valen)

Outcasts that brave both danger, prejudice and judgment risking everything to do the good thing.

Monks or clerics

Or any type of magic that affects the soul/spirit.

Thank you.💖

message 2: by Eva (last edited Aug 12, 2020 01:09AM) (new)

Eva | 72 comments Hi Laura, thank you for this interesting question!

I think the Stormlight Archives The Way of Kings definitely qualify, with characters - especially a slave who's very depressed at the start - re-connecting with the spirits of nature (and honor) that used to give powers upon the knights of old until they were betrayed.

Knights of Dark Renown starts out with a knight caught in a cursed armor he cannot remove due to an act of cowardice in the past, and a lot of the story is about him redeeming himself and finding the courage to finally do what he's always been afraid of, and becoming a hero. There's also magic, clerics and a little boy to protect. People struggling to do the right/good thing is a huge theme for David Gemmell, so you might like his other books, as well. There are also almost always great clerics and monks in his books, who offer a nice contrast to the warriors with their teachings on gentleness, forgiveness and peace. His earlier books have some chauvinism (thought nothing I thought particularly annoying when I read them) but he improved and even wrote whole series on female warriors later on.

The Lord of the Rings - the hobbits resisting the seductive power of the ring throughout their long journey to a place of darkness in order to save the world (but possibly destroying themselves in the process), the lonely ranger who has to grow into his birthright as king, and learn to believe in himself and to trust that he won't repeat the mistakes of his forefathers, the shield maiden and the younger son, both of whom have known only contempt from their families, who need to find their value and self-esteem (and each other) - this book is full of the things you asked about. Plus magic that affects the soul/spirit - both negatively in terms of Sauron and the ring, and positively in terms of the consecrated lands of the Elves that nourish your soul, etc.

Dragonlance Chronicles also feature a lot of this - at their start, the gods (both good and evil) have seemingly abandoned the world of Krynn after a Cataclysm, and clerics have lost their power. That's about to change. The first book was a debut and has some clunky writing (e.g. overly long fight scenes) but the absolutely beautiful, fantastic world and characters make up for that. Lots of wizardry and also clerical magic, and people having to overcome their own dark sides to do the right thing.

In general, a lot of books set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons or the Forgotten Realms have some great magically adept clerics and paladins wielding divine/holy/spirit magic.

Moon Called: the protagonist has (mild spoiler) (view spoiler) but this develops very slowly over the course of the series and only really comes to the forefront in later books. Still might be something you'll enjoy. Masques and Wolfsbane by the same author also has a lot of subtle magic working on people's spirits.

Red Sister - these are very unusual assassin nuns and the protagonist is very irreverent, but it's still almost entirely set in a nunnery and features a lot of fantasy religion and some spirit magic.

Wheel of the Infinite - haven't read it myself yet, but the protagonist is a priestess with a dark, guilty past who seeks to both redeem herself and save her world.

Priestess of the White also sounds perfect.

message 3: by Tammie (new)

Tammie | 4134 comments Have you tried the Kingfountain series?

message 4: by Laura (new)

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments Tammie wrote: "Have you tried the Kingfountain series?"

no. But I'm adding it now to my list. :)

message 5: by Laura (new)

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments Eva wrote: "Hi Laura, thank you for this interesting question!

I think the Stormlight Archives The Way of Kings definitely qualify, with characters - especially a slave who's very depressed at ..."

Oh! These are all great series!!
I have The Way of Kings on my TBR already but was sort of reluctant to start it because of the sheer size. I think I need to up it on that list.

Lord of The Rings and Dragonlance I've already read, but none of the others and I just added them all to my list.
I'll start Moon Called this weekend and take the rest one by one.

Thank you!

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