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Tessa Herondale~Carstairs (jessawessa) | 1136 comments Mod
It's readathon time again!

Basic rules:
-Books completed must be more than 100 pages
-*new rule* if you read a BOTM, it counts as two books!
-Books must be completed between 12:00 A.M 17th August and 12:00 A.M. 1st September Pacific Standard Time.
-If you sign up, please make sure you stay alert for updates and participate, because if you don't, it's a disadvantage for your teammates.

Put your name down here if you're interested in participating!

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Ani (anic) | 250 comments Ani!

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Sarah Mirzayee🇦🇫 (sarahmirzayee) | 25 comments Sarah :)

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Gerardine  Betancourt  (geraldin13) gerardine

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Michelle | 13 comments Michelle

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Rheanna (goodreadscomuser_rheanna) Rheanna

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Emma of Themiscyra (emmaofthemiscyra) | 20 comments Emma :)

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Robyn (robynacuff) | 78 comments Robyn!

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ava (alinascrown) | 57 comments ava :)

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Selina (selinaannsshelf) | 43 comments Selina :)

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Alistaire Megliorino (crusadingangel) | 6 comments Ashley (alternately, Alistaire)

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human (that0nefangirl) Human

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Roaringwave RoaringWave

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Kelsey | 28 comments Kelsey

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Evelyn Evelyn

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 Reed | 14 comments Reed

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Tessa Herondale~Carstairs (jessawessa) | 1136 comments Mod
Anyyyyone else?

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