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Amazon Drives Me Crazy!

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message 1: by Diana (new)

Diana Johnston | 5 comments Has this ever happened to anyone else... my second novel came out August 1 and sales were as expected on Amazon until a bunch of free eBooks started flying away! I logged in to check my sales and 18 ebooks have been given away for free in the last 24 hours!! The links still show my list price and I haven’t approved any sort of give away. I contacted Kindle and Amazon but I’ve heard they can be difficult to work with and wanted to know if anyone else had dealt with this before.

I’m not writing to make money... but it sure would be nice to be asked before my books get given away directly from the site that’s supposed to be selling them!


message 2: by Ann (new)

Ann P. (annpborrmannchildrensbookauthor) | 9 comments oh wow.. no I haven't had that (I'd be upset!) My only complaint with Amazon is that the "look inside" feature on my book was too pale to read so the publisher had to email them to fix it, but now the pages with those words are missing!

I hope you can get that issue resolved quickly!

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