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(( Adopt a kid! ))

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Torrin drove in to the Adoption Center with Adrien.

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Adrien still had his eyes closed. "Where are we going?"

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“Open up.” Torrin said softly. Multiple kids were playing in the backyard, some were talking amongst themselves. Then there was the nursery. All the newborns.

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Adrien opened his eyes slowly, then started to cry. "Torrin..." he smiled, then hugged him tightly.

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Torrin smiled. “I found a particular girl that you might like.” He showed him to the nursery, with a gorgeous baby girl:

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"Oh my god," he whispered, picking her up. Adrien cradled the baby gently. "Hi, girlie," he whispered, smiling.

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“What do you wanna name her?” Torrin smiled at the thought of a family, And his eyes watered.

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"Grace Evangeline. Or Gracie," Adrien smiled at the baby.

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“Gracie.” Torrin stroked her hair.

(( did u get the name Evangeline from the book Red Queen? ))

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((Nope! Made it up))

Adrien bounced Grace softly. "Where do we adopt?"

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(( Cool! ))

“Over there.” Torrin said, pointing to a counter. He walked up, and saw a woman. She asked him a couple of questions, and an hour later, Grace Evangeline was theirs. Torrin walked back to them, and kissed Gracies head. “You’re so beautiful darling.” Then turned to Adrien. “You too.”

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((*coff* ))

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Adrien giggled, cradling Grace close to him. "We'll need to buy a lot of baby stuff now."

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Torrin frowned. “Damnit I forgot babies aren’t free.”

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"Torrin!" Adrien exclaimed, covering Grace's ears. "Not around the baby."

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Torrin smiled. “You’re gonna be such a good dad. Now let’s go to the store to get all of the stinky diapers and stuff.” Torrin joked.

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Adrien rolled his eyes and laughed. "Alright then," he smiled. "WAIT! We don't have a car seat, I have to stay here with Gracie."

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“But-the-I-Fine.” Torrin gave in, and ran to the store.

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Torrin ran back, out of breath. “Everything’s *pant* set. The room is *pant* ready. Let’s go.” He smiled, and got into the car again, but with his family.

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Adrien smiled. "Okay!" He put Grace in her car seat and got in the car, laying a hand on Torrin's leg.

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Torrin smiled at the touch, then kissed Adrien. When he pulled away he was grinning. “You’re gonna love her room.” And drove to their house.

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