Legend (Legend, #1) Legend question

I need an dystopian series or stand alone to read, any suggestion?
MalakAmr MalakAmr Aug 09, 2020 12:30PM
hello, as you can tell by my LONG topic, I need a dystopian recommendation because I am obsessed with them.

I am Number Four, try that.

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Eliana Crew Yes!! This is such a good series!
Dec 25, 2020 08:06PM · flag

I would highly recommend Wool by Hugh Howey. While this is not a YA Dystopian book, it is utterly fantastic (and the first of a trilogy). Wool had me hooked within the first couple of pages and Hugh Howey is an INCREDIBLY TALENTED writer.
Have a great day and happy reading to you!!! (:

The Legend series or the divergent series.

I agree with Eleanor Legend is a great dystopian series you should totally read it.

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