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Sheri | 6381 comments Mod
Downfall by Shae Scott Shae Scott

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Description: Every love story is unique.

Some are a slow burn. Others, burn bright and fade fast.
Maybe you get a happy ending, or maybe your story doesn’t even start until the ending unravels.

When it comes to relationships, Lily McCandless has one rule: Live fast, have fun, and get out before it gets too serious. It's a rule that served her well until he came along and changed the entire game.

Miles Harris knew falling for Lily was dangerous. She warned him she couldn’t be held. He went after her anyway. Then, she agreed to be his wife. Game over. Happily. Ever. After. Until she left him in the dead of the night, leaving behind only her ring and three words scratched onto a piece of paper.

What happens to a love story that can’t find its way? Can love really rise from the ashes of an ending? Or will the past prove to be its ultimate downfall?

Downfall is a companion novel to On Paper and part of the Bookworm Series. It can be read as a stand-alone.

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Priya (priyasdiary2020) | 4 comments Hi my name is Priya... I'm interested to Review.. Pls send the EPUB copy to

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Tana (tana_t) | 14676 comments Mod
Priya wrote: "Hi my name is Priya... I'm interested to Review.. Pls send the EPUB copy to"

sent in your request Priya

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Shae Scott (shaescott) | 11 comments Priya - sending over now. Thanks so much!

Noelle Hart (goodreadscomnoellehart) | 10 comments Hi, my name is Elfi, please send a MOBI copy to I will leave an honest review.

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Shae Scott (shaescott) | 11 comments Elfi. I'll send it over right away. Thanks so much!

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