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message 1: by Sidney (new)

Sidney Funck | 22 comments Hi Ladies!

(I hope you don’t think I am over stepping here)

To help I made two schedules for us. Hopefully by next month or even next week Alexa will be back 💕 for now let’s all start reading before the month gets ahead of us! ☺️

[Option 1] Schedule from the beginning of the month:
(For those who already started)

August 1-8: Chapters 1-3
August 9-15: Chapters 4-6
August 6-22: Chapters 7-9
August 23-31: Chapters 10-12

[Option 2] Schedule starting August 9th
(for those who waited)

August 9-15: Chapters 1-4
August 16-22: Chapters 5-9
August 23-31: Chapters 10-12

You obviously can make whatever reading schedule you want. However, I wanted to help and keep us unified as a book community!

I tried to stay true to Alexa’s July reading schedule. Happy Reading 😘👏🏻📖

[comment what reading schedule you are on ⬇️]

message 2: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Goettl | 7 comments Awesome! I’m finishing up chapter 5!

message 3: by Sidney (new)

Sidney Funck | 22 comments Awesome! I am just starting... procrastination 🙈 so I am going with option 2. Sounds like you are right on track 😁👏🏻

message 4: by Jezel (new)

Jezel Bow | 8 comments I’ll start tomorrow. Looks like I’ll be doing option 2 ☺️

message 5: by AnneMarie (new)

AnneMarie | 4 comments that's exactly how I set it up too once I saw how busy Alexas life got recently. chapters/weeks with wiggle room for busy weeks. such a busy season with school starting up.

message 6: by Sidney (new)

Sidney Funck | 22 comments Nice! I am glad we are all coming together and getting this book done 👊🏻💢 and staying on track! ✅ Nothing better than a bookclub to keep you accountable 👏🏻😁

message 7: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Bussell | 2 comments I just finished chapter 6, so I’m going along with option 1

message 8: by Jezel (new)

Jezel Bow | 8 comments I have some work to do. On audible this book is listed with 17 chapters.

This book is so good!!

Take Aways-

If it’s contrary to the word of God. It’s not right.
(Book, song, fallen world)

He is good. He suffers when we suffer. He compassionate. Exodus 3:7

Our behavior reflects how we feel.

The truth is we are priceless. John 3:16

We do love ourselves. We need to love others and care for others the way we naturally care for ourselves.

Allowing - I can’t help the way I am because of our past is a lie. It leaves us without hope. We will live in spiritual bondage. The truth is we do have a choice. Jeremiah 29:11.

message 9: by Sidney (new)

Sidney Funck | 22 comments Ahh good to know thanks Jezel!

Here’s a quick schedule for Audio book readers. I just added the extra chapters at the end as evenly as possible. 😊

Audiobook 17 chapters:

[opt. 1] Beginning of month (started Aug 1st)

August 1-8 Chapters 1-4
August 9-15 Chapters 5-8
August 16-22 Chapters 9-12
August 23-31 Chapters 13-17

[opt. 2] Beginning this week (started Aug 9th)

August 9-15 Chapters 1-5
August 16-22 Chapters 6-11
August 23 - 31 Chapters 12-17

message 10: by Jezel (new)

Jezel Bow | 8 comments Thank you Sydney! I will follow option 2 .

message 11: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 3 comments Thank you Sidney for taking the time to put the schedules together! Such a help. And a great way to keep on it. Especially with my homeschooling starting this week too!

message 12: by Sidney (new)

Sidney Funck | 22 comments Glad to help! 😊👏🏻 yes nothing like a schedule to keep us on track. Good luck with homeschool ☺️

message 13: by Darlene (new)

Darlene Leslie | 6 comments I’m in chapter 2 so I’ll go with option 2. Thanks for posting a schedule!

message 14: by Alexa (new)

Alexa Hunt (alexajeanbrown) | 15 comments Mod
THANK YOU Sidney! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to put this together for us! And I appreciate you all for being SO patient and understanding. School always throws me for a loop and this year sent me over the edge. I'm quickly catching up on The Lies Women Believe with the audio version. I also picked up the group discussion book so I'll put some discussions up a little later today for us all to chat!

THANK YOU again, you all are so gracious. Love you friends!

message 15: by Sidney (new)

Sidney Funck | 22 comments No problem! Glad to help ☺️ looking forward to the group discussion questions!

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