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Windu has been watching the trespasser for a while, he steps into the open. A large grin on his face, “Come quietly little dove and you won’t get hurt.”

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He smirks, “Follow me I have a place to show you,” he attempts to trick her into following.

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He leads her to his den.

((. Meet at windu den))

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Tanabi walked up to the watering hole followed by his friends and took a few drinks of it before looking around and flicking his ears at every sound.

Vituo heard pawsteps in the distance and looked towards the pridelands where the pawsteps were coming from "Tanabi, Zumaridi we got incoming, Pridelanders, Maybe more old friends of yours Tanabi." He said.

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Syrah say hidden on the far side of the watering hole, the brown lioness had been watching lions come and go for a while, she watches Kula and the three males staying hidden.

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Tanabi wandered closer to Kula hitting his friend Zumaridi with his tail for laughing at him. He moved closer and sat down. "Hi, what's your name?" He asked kindly.

Vituo chuckled at Zumaridi after all he hadn't been hit with Tanabi's tail.

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Syrah watches the lioness and the males, part of her was curious, but the other part was nervous. So she stays quiet.

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Tanabi smiled and moved closer to her. "My name's Tanabi." He said introducing himself.

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"You think my name is funny do you?" He asked playfully and pounced on Kula pinning her down. He tilted his head and smiled again, then scented her heat and looked down at her face again.

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Tanabi lay down then crept closer to Kula. "I was playing, I wouldn't breed you right after meeting you, I'm not that kind of male." He assured her.

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Syrah stretches, she had been fumbling over something for the past while. Kula looked extremely similar to herself, she wonders to herself how that could be possible.

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Tanabi froze and lowered himself against the ground looking down, submissively.

((Lowering his and his friends ages))

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Syrah decided to go out and talk, she had a question she wanted to ask Kula. The lioness walks over, “Hello?”

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"Be happy he's protecting you, it's what older brothers are for." Tanabi said smiling.

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“I was wondering,” “Are you an outlander?” “You look like we could be related.” Syrah Tried not to be offended by Kula’s agressive look.

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Syrah looks at Kula her eyes wander to a mark on her paw, she looks back at her own paw she had the exact mark, “How did you get that?” She asked motioning to the mark on Kula’s paw.

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“Wait,” “Your mom died exactly like mine,” “So did my sister,” she lifts up her paw she had the same mark.

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Syrah looks at her, “But it would if we had been separated,” “If the other thought they were dead.” Syrah thinks for a moment, “You must have been found,” “But I hadn’t.”

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Syrah ran after her, feeling that she had too.

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Syrah runs out following her sister, she giggles at her sister attempts to flirt with the handsome male. She lays down a few feet away to watch,

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Syrah smiles, "Sure," she mouths, she licks her paw and cleans a bit of dust from her face.

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Syrah wanted to laugh so hard, she stands stretching and lays down her head resting on her paws her bright eyes looking at the others.

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Syrah looks at her brother, she shrugs, "I guess, but I have no control over her," "So I can't do anything."

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Syrah looks at her siblings argue, but she was curious was kind of home was Roho talking about, Kula was right rogues didn't have a home.

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Syrah stands and runs over to Roho, "I'll just follow," Syrah says she wasn't ready to push herself into the argument.

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Syrah looks at her sister, "I'll come back," she says to her, she runs after Roho.

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Tanabi chuckled a bit and rolled onto his paws and nuzzled her face with his. "Zumaridi there is the strong silent type and Vituo is shy." He told Kula with a smile.

Zumaridi and Vituo nodded verifying what Tanabi had just said.

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Windu walks over, "Kula were doing to the den," "Now," he says firmly, he gives her a look that says -come without and fight and you won't be punished later-

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"Curious about Pride life, but before now I've never wanted to pursue my curiosity because I think it would mean leaving my friends, If I started a pride my friends would be my fellow leaders." Tanabi told her.

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Olona walks over to the watering hole, she laps up the water and spots the other lions, she dashes behind a bush hoping they'd leave.

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"Then welcome to our pride." Tanabi said smiling and nuzzled her again.

Vituo walked over and nuzzled her in greeting and Zumaridi did the same.

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Olona titles her head confused, "Please leave," she mumbles. She hoped with all her heart they wouldn't see her.

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"Your brother and sister are welcome to join our pride as well if they so wish." Zumaridi offered.

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Syrah comes back, the lioness stops. She looks at her sister standing next to the three males, "I just ran from Roho and came to this," she says, "What did I miss?"

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"Your sister has joined our pride, of which you are welcome to join as well." Zumaridi offered. "We have Three Kings, Which is I think better then having just one."

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Syrah looks at her sister, then at the males, "I would be honoured," Syrah says.

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Zumaridi smiled and nuzzled his face against hers.

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Windu slashes her face and runs off, he wasn't ready to fight with more lions at this point. Syrah roars back at him for clawing her sister.

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Syrah runs over to her sister, "That monster!" Syrah rubs her neck on her sisters, "Are you ok?"

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Tanabi ran over to Kula and stopped next to her. "Vituo, Zumaridi, bring me his head. Nobody attacks a member of my pride and gets away with it." Tanabi growled.

Zumaridi and Vituo nodded and took off after Windu.

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"He's one male against two trained fighters, He's not a god, He's not unbeatable, He ran from a fight which means he's afraid of us, of a fair fight not him bullying a Lioness into doing what he wants." Tanabi said to her. Taking her warning and thinking about it.

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Tanabi narrowed his eyes and leapt after Roho and charged in front of him. "She's not your Property let her go." He said his ears pinned back. "She's a part of my Pride."

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Syrah glares, "Hey!" she chases after her brother. "You can't stop us!" "We made a choice," "We want to stay." Syrah had a cute but firm glare.

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Syrah looks at her brother leave, "Sorry," she mumbles to her sister.

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Tanabi watched Roho leave and shook out his mane and made his way over to Syrah and Kula. "I won't stand in your way when you want to go visit him." He said with a slight smile.

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Syrah sighs, she was glad her sister wasn't mad. She rests on the ground, laughing at her sister a little.

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Tanabi bounded after Kula and jumped over both Syrah and Kula before spinning around as soon as he landed. He bumped them both with his head gently.

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"Ack!" Syrah laughs, but gasps at the same time, she attempts to push off her sister but fails, considering the position her sister had her in.

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Syrah looks at her, "Your totally paying for that!" she chases her tackling her sister.

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Tanabi followed his two Lionesses and slid to a stop before he landed on them both.

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