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Becca da Romance Queen (becca_da_romance_queen) | 775 comments Mod
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? WE HAVE 200 MEMBERS!!!! :D Thank y'all for being a part of this group, I really do appreciate it! Thank you to all the mods who are doing a great job engaging in the group. <3 I'M REALLY HAPPY THAT WE GOT SO MANY MEMBERS!!! I remember when we just had like 10 lol. Our group has come a long way and I can't wait for more to come! :)

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amia (makevocaloidgreatagain) OMG YAYAYAYAYA

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) YAY!!!! 🎊🎉

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CYIReadBooks (Claire) Good news!

message 5: by River &#x1f499;, Mod available to do whatever needs done (new)

River &#x1f499; | 166 comments Mod
Congrats Becca! I wish I was more helpful. I’m so happy that you achieved this amazing goal!

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Becca da Romance Queen (becca_da_romance_queen) | 775 comments Mod

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