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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Female fighter (boxer) lives in woods and fights underground

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message 1: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Ratcliffe | 22 comments Hi! Trying to remember a book!

Contemporary series/book that has an age gap/some military themes/underground fighting ring themes. The cover had broken glass? Or maybe a mosaic? Or raindrops? It was kind of distorted but in dull colors, it wasn’t bright. I’ve already checked my KU history, 99% sure i read it on KU or it could have been wattpad. I know I didn’t purchase it.

Teenage homeless girl, 18/19. She lives in a tent in the woods and has a dog, I want to say a wolf hybrid or even possibly an actual wolf. She also has a really old beat up truck. I remember her describing the color as “rust” that she didn’t even know what color the truck originally was. She is an underground boxer/fighter, not mma. Her dad was a famous boxer and he trained her. She travels around following these specific underground fights, like I think they move when they’re close to being caught. There’s like a whole underground/outlier society component. She sets up traps around her camp for safety and wears baggy clothes when she’s out so that she isn’t targeted as a young vulnerable girl alone and gets like followed, I think she had a bad experience at one point so that’s why she does that and sets the traps.

Okay so she lives in the woods, kind of close to a cabin and an older man who has some physical ailments and maybe dementia or just a bad memory lives there. She helps him secretly. Breaks into his house at night to clean dishes and his clothes, cleans the house, puts groceries in, etc. I think she even leaves him money. The H is there one day when she’s going to break in and so she leaves but she overhears the old man telling the H that the Hs dad, old mans son has been taking care of him. H is like no grandpa, dads dead. Of course she’s like insta lust when she sees H. I think H is back from the military and like ten years older than her. She goes back at some point and the H is gone. So she sneaks in and starts helping, H hears her like just his car or bike was gone and he was there the whole time. She is in her baggy clothing and he thinks she’s a burglar and attacks her. She gets away but she’s hurt, I think her ribs. He doesn’t know she’s a girl.

The beginning is all super clear but then I can’t remember anything else. Like how they actually meet but I do remember it being steamy and I want to say kinky. I think he’s really into her ass and ass play.

The only other thing I remember is that at one of the underground fights she’s supposed to fight him and freaks out because he doesn’t know she fights. I think she tries to get out of it but there’s like a bad guy, who knew her dad, who forces her with some sort of blackmail thing, I think maybe they said they would just kill the H but I also think there was a blackmail component the whole time, like she’s always been forced to fight for him but she actually does like to fight but just not all the fights he wants her to do or something. I don’t know. I’m pretty sure H is connected in some way to them, I want to say even an undercover cop and they know at this point or he is also being blackmailed because of something military related. It’s all a little confusing and muddled in my brain, but she does show up and he refuses to fight and is super pissed. Bad guy grabs her and has a knife to her throat, H freaks out refusing to fight still. Her wolf dog attacks the bad guy and then I can’t remember what happens though!! Ughh. Help! Thank you!

Edit: now that I’m remembering I think the H was former military but now he’s like a commando/mercenary/or like secret black ops and this underground ring/society is his mission and I think there is a trafficking component too. Like they traffic young fighters and former child soldiers. Not a sex trafficking thing.

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Kris | 35366 comments Mod
Jessica, around what year did you read this book? A range of years is fine. (Note: read on Kindle or Wattpad)

message 3: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Ratcliffe | 22 comments I think 2018/2019. I think it was Kindle.

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