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Radio Free Vermont: A Fable of Resistance
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August 2020: Other Books > (Poll Ballot) Radio Free Vermont by Bill McKibben - 5 stars

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Ellen | 2230 comments Vern Barclay has been the voice on the radio for half a century and now the 72-year-old has become a fugitive. His radio broadcast has gone 'underground, underpowered and underfoot' as he puts forth the idea of Vermont seceding from the United States and becoming its own entity depending entirely on its local economy. Labeled a terrorist by the local politicians mainly because of an unfortunate incident at the opening of a new WalMart store in which a large amount of sewage flooded the aisles, Vern and two friends, a young computer whiz named Perry and an old friend named Sylvia who teaches 'newcomers' how to become Vermonters, Vern lays out his plans for a new Vermont. He is sickened by the massive dairies that have put small local farms out of business; big box stores that replace mom & pop enterprises; takeover of pristine land for highways, parking lots and amusements. He hopes to rally people behind his cause to bring a much needed change to his beloved state. Knowing he is only 1 step ahead of the police, and now the FBI, Vern and friends have a plan; and it's a doozie!

This was so much fun and rather eye-opening at the same time. The main characters are marvelous and whether you believe in their cause or not, you can't help but admire their spirit. Highly recommended.

NancyJ (nancyjjj) | 5655 comments It sounds fun. I can just guess what he thinks about Amazon (they're thriving while local businesses are suffering during the pandemic.) I wonder if there are any states (or countries) that could be totally self-sufficient and not rely on exports from other areas. I've gotten spoiled by the availability of fresh produce all year long.

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