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Rix has always been enchanted by anything from Earth. He visited as a child, courtesy of his pilot father Chrix, and now, he travels there and might never return.

Because he’s enchanted by Ava. Can he win her jaded heart?

ENCHANTED BY THE ALIEN EXPLORER is the next book in the newest series from Ashlyn Hawkes, the Kurians. The first generation of Kurians—the Novan-Earthling babies—are all grown up. Now, they need to find their own lovers to continue to prevent the Novans from becoming extinct.

But the Kurians, especially the males, are all plagued by an inquisitive and adventurous spirit, just like their Earthling mothers. They jump at the chance to go to Earth and find their females there.

The Earthling males do not care for this at all, but the females? How they feel about this remains to be determined.

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