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message 1: by Si (new)

Si Clarke (clacksee) | 32 comments Hi,

When I created a page for my new work, I added the cover image. However, now the cover has been revised. The story won't be published for a few weeks yet, but I want to ensure the correct image is available on Goodreads, but it won't let me delete the existing cover.

Can someone help me, please? It's my book, Past Imperfect Past Imperfect.


message 2: by Gerd (new)

Gerd | 1051 comments Deleted cover.

message 3: by Si (new)

Si Clarke (clacksee) | 32 comments Thank you so much.

message 4: by Si (new)

Si Clarke (clacksee) | 32 comments It's not letting me add the new cover. Am I doing something wrong? I'm following the same process I did when I added it initially, but now it says only librarians can amend.

Sorry for being a pain in the arse.

message 5: by Emily (new)

Emily | 14710 comments The cover upload field is at the top right of the edit page. If you are having trouble you can upload the image to your profile picture section here, and we will grab it for you.
I love your avatar with the mask!

message 6: by Si (new)

Si Clarke (clacksee) | 32 comments Thank you!

That's exactly what I tried to do. It said it could only be done by a librarian. I've added the cover image to my profile photos here:

Thank you.

message 7: by Emily (new)

Emily | 14710 comments There may have been some kind of change because several people have reported this.
I've added your cover. You can delete it from your profile pictures (librarians don't have access to that).

message 8: by Si (new)

Si Clarke (clacksee) | 32 comments Thank you so much.

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