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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) RP only

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Night ran onto the playground. Tired from his run, he sat down.

Matt (Custom Pop Form) Parker puttered in on his motorcycle, his blazing head the only light he needed. He stopped the engine, and climbed off. Looking around, he saw an abandoned car where he could make camp for the night. With a grunt of effort, he let his flesh grow back over his skull, and soon,he looked like a regular human again.

Matt (Custom Pop Form) (um thanks?))

Matt (Custom Pop Form) ((lol ok))

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Night looks at Parker, a grim smile on his face.

Matt (Custom Pop Form) Parker saw the other person and stealthily pulled out his chain, ready for a fight if it came to that.

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Night just chuckled and turned away

Matt (Custom Pop Form) Parker put the chain away and tried the door handle. Finding it was locked, he ripped it off, and plunged it onto the roof for cover. He wheeled his bike over and hung his jacket and chain off it. He crawled into the car and closed his eyes, trying to sleep.

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Night shook his head and fiddled with a knife, thinking about his brother.

Matt (Custom Pop Form) Suddenly Parkers eyes snapped open. He saw the other kids head perk up too. Helicopters. Parker ran out of the car and hopped on the bike. He revved it and started to drive, but before he got far, the helicopters spotlight lit on him.

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Night bolted up, till he saw the lights on the other guy. He ran over to him and touched him, turning them both invisible.

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Matt (Custom Pop Form) Parker growled at him, "Get back! Thanks for the assist, but I-ARRRGGHH," He stepped off his bike and the flesh on his head melted away, and his hair was replaced with fire. He grabbed the chain, and it burst into flames. Several Hope agents dropped down and trained their guns on Parker.

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"What the..." Night stayed invisible as he bolted away

Matt (Custom Pop Form) The Hope agents shot Parker, but he walked toward them nonchantly. He whipped his chain out and it cracked against the skull of one agent. Suddenly an agent with heat seeking goggles said, "Hey, theres another one over there!"

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Night cursed quietly he sprinted, hoping to get away.

Matt (Custom Pop Form) The agent raised a gun, but Parker shot his chain out, and it wrapped around him. Parker flung the Agent into the helicopter blades and his screams were cut short. The copter was damaged, and it smashed into the ground, where it exploded in a huge fireball. Parker quickly finished off the other agents, then turned and walked to his bike.

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Night watched in horror. "What. The. Heck."

Matt (Custom Pop Form) Parker gingerly touched where the bullets had entered him, but it was already starting to heal. He rolled his head as the flesh grew back over his bare skull, and his hair replaced the flames. He looked at Night and asked, "You ok?"

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He suddenly felt pain in his leg, and saw that ge had been shot. He must've been to distracted to notice. "I'm.....fine.."

Matt (Custom Pop Form) Parker stepped forward and his hand burst into flames. He looked at Night, "May I?"

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"Burn me to death????" Night asked, terrified

Matt (Custom Pop Form) Parker shook his head, "Heal you."

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"Uhh...." he looks at his cut, than at his hand. "....sure..."

Matt (Custom Pop Form) Parker said, "This won't"
He thrust his hand against the wound, and Night screamed in pain. The sound of sizzling flesh could be heard, but when he pulled away, there was no trace of any wound ever being there.

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Night screams and staggered backward.

Matt (Custom Pop Form) Parker said, "I told you I would heal it, didn't say it wouldn't hurt. But it doesn't hurt now, does it."

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"Your insane." He said.

Matt (Custom Pop Form) Parker said, "Not me, him."

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"Who?" He asked.

Matt (Custom Pop Form) Parker got up and walked to his motorcycle. He looked back at Night and his eyes became balls of fire as he responded, "The Rider.

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He stared at him, confused.

Matt (Custom Pop Form) Parker said, "See ya around."
He started his motorcycle and slowly drove off.

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"Dramatic." He mumbled and disappeared

Matt (Custom Pop Form) Parker stopped, and then backed the cycle up. He called, "Hey, Invisi-boy, you wanna team up? It would mean better survival odds for both of us."

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Night looked back at him and reappeared. "Sure."

Matt (Custom Pop Form) Parker glanced at him inquisitively, "So you can turn invisible huh?"

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Molly looked at Arelia, she really hoped this girl could help her find her sister.

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) Arelia fiddled with the hay and sat down, eyeing the newspaper she had stolen just now. More deaths, more missing children... she knew all that and those weren't what she was looking for. She was scanning for more information about the Hope.

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) Looking at the girl behind her, she sighed. "What? Why are you still here?"

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"I need to find my sister," "And you seem to know how to find her, I think," Molly says, she looked hopeful, this was the first news about a way to find her sister in a year.

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) Arelia looked at her. "I have a rough idea. But no, why should I help you?" She asked, somewhat indifferently. That girl looked at her as if she were a ray of sunshine and she felt her heart warming towards her but why would she care? It wasn't exactly her business.

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"Because you are the only person that offered to help, or was that an offer," she taps her chin for a moment, trying to remember the conversation a few moments ago. "Please, Lyla was the only person that I was close to," she grabs the girls arm, "Please!"

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) "Pleading won't help." Arelia looked at her. "Prove yourselves worthy for god's sake! What powers do you have? What can you do? Can you not keep on whining?" She said irritably.

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Molly frowns, "Fine," she looks at a the tire swing, and focuses. The swing shakes a bit, and the entire structure turns inside out. "Better." she says flatly.

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) Arelia nodded but her expression didn't change. "Come back tomorrow and I'll think about it. No promises."

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Molly's eyes light up, "Okay!" she didn't care that her mom would beat her for coming home late, she was going to find her sister. She hugs Arelia, "Thank you!" she runs waving good bye.

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) Arelia rolled her eyes. She does love her sis huh? And she seemed a good friend. Shaking her head, she went back to the newspaper. They could be good allies.

((I won't be on for a week so maybe continue after I come back?))

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(( same gtg,))

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Hasmik They walked in and first Elodie noticed a girl sitting with newspaper. “Let’s go to that girl. Maybe she can give us some news about what happened all this time”

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