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The kingdom of Ice Elves! It's cold and icy, so have your characters bring a coat if they aren't an ice elf.



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CraftySapling | 9 comments (so, can I just start a story? Or do I have to continue on from somewhere else?)

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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) ((You can start one, just create a character!))

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Chase comes running with a hood on to cover her face, escaping the guards from the Underworld.

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Chase runs out of the Kingdom

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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) ((he should come to an area where there are more OCs))

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((she did))

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((well, the last active rp))

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Nivia brushed snow flakes out of her eyelashes and walked to her home.

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Nivia got to her small house and grumbled as she looked through the cupboards, which had almost no food. "Guess I'll have to go get some food." She got on her horse and rode to the Inter-species town to get some food.

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) Lobelia enters with Nivia. ((right?))

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Nivia opened the door and walked into her wooden cottage. She shook snowflakes out of her hair and unpacked her bags.

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) ((Wait, did she invite Lobelia in or something?))

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((yeah, she asked her if she wanted to come for dinner. lobelia should tell her parents i think))

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) ((Okay...))

A knock is heard at the door.

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Nivia opened the door and prepared herself for something bad to happen. It's probably Lobelia, she thought. I invited her over. Duh.

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) She guessed correctly.

(("I invited her over. Duh." haha))

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(( :) ))
"Oh, hi." Nivia smiled slightly and let her in. "I'm making cod." She hated cooking, but she had a guest over.

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) "wow, nice!" said Lobelia. "Do you like cooking?"

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"Not really." Nivia took out a knife and the cod. She washed the cod and said, "I don't like doing things with heat."

message 21: by Helena (new)

Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) "Yeah, but its still fun," said Lobelia smiling.

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) ((Sorry it took me so long I forgot about it))

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) "Can I help?" Lobelia added.

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"Sure," Nivia handed her a lemon and a knife. "You want to cut the lemon?"

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) "Alright!" Lobelia smiled and started cutting the lemon on a board.

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Nivia finished with the cod, and put on three oven mitts on each hand. She slowly and carefully opened the oven and practically threw the pan with the cod in. She then took the six oven mitts off and sighed a sigh of relief.

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) Lobelia giggled. She had finished chopping the lemons. She took three more and started to juggle them.

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Nivia stifled a giggle and took out two cloves of garlic. She chopped them up and set them aside. "Okay," she said, washing her hands. "what now? The cod will be ready in about over an hour."

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) Lobelia threw a lemon to high and it bounced off her head, at the same time she missed catching another lemon in attempt to catch that one, while only succeeding to catch the last one in her arm. She picked the lemons up laughing. "I don't know, what would you like to do?"

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) ((...))

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"I don't know," Nivia sat down on a cold wooden chair.

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