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Is Gary Floyd the Cassandra of the pandemic era?
Mike B Mike Aug 07, 2020 08:48AM
Cassandra was the heroine in Greek mythology who could predict the future, yet her predictions were never believed. Is Gary Floyd a modern day Cassandra? What will it take for a critical mass to learn that globalization is not a panacea? Is he a voice crying out in the wilderness, a prophet, or a madman? Or all of the above?

This is most interesting now going into a pandemic where almost every other country has shut down all its travel. The supply chains are breaking down, And ordinary citizens find no one they can turn to for help. Instead, they are watching their elites bicker about nothing.

Gary J. I will also say the one thing that surprises me is that the government would ever do anything to try to keep people safe as they did initially but as ...more
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