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message 1: by Kenny (last edited Aug 07, 2020 06:31AM) (new)

Kenny (kenny_valentine) | 75 comments Hello,

I'm looking for a few beta readers to take a look at the fourth draft of my manuscript and give me their honest opinions on the characters and the story.

Two Lies and a Truth is a character-driven, YA Contemporary/Coming-of-Age, finished at 96k words.

Alex’s parents are gone. Her baby brother gone. Her uncle, still there, but gone. Now she has nothing left to hold onto. Nothing but a promise her best friend, Abby, made her. Abby will never leave her alone.

Seven years later, high school starts, and that promise takes on a different meaning for Alex. She becomes aware of deeply-rooted feelings for Abby. Feelings she tries to escape, but to no avail. Driven by self-destructive tendencies and past whispers of broken promises, Alex is willing to pay any price to hold onto Abby. Even if it means keeping secrets from her best friend. Even if it means telling a lie. Or two.

But the pile of lies becomes a mountain and the staircase of secrets falls apart. Will Abby keep her promise to Alex when she finds out?

The story follows the viewpoints of Alex and Abby throughout high-school, exploring the themes of friendship, love, family, mental and emotional struggles. The writing is fairly censored in terms of graphic/explicit descriptions, but contains sensitive subjects, including: child abuse, substance abuse, sexual assault, self-harm, underage sex and profanity.

I am open to sharing the first three chapters to test the waters before tackling the whole manuscript.

If this sounds interesting to you, please PM me or leave a comment down below.

message 2: by Althea ☾ (new)

Althea ☾ (themoonwholistens) | 11 comments Hello! This sounds interesting and I would love to beta read your novel :)

here's my e-mail:

message 3: by Kenny (new)

Kenny (kenny_valentine) | 75 comments Hi Althea, thank you for your interest! I sent you an email.

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