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message 1: by D.L. (new)

D.L. Lang (poetryebook) | 1 comments I used to find my books scattered on these sites with gibberish listings. It’s been my experience that they don’t actually have my book and it’s a scam to steal people’s money or infect computers with malware. These sites used to advertise having ebooks of my books that I had not published in an ebook format at all. I’ve taken to listing valid retailers on my website. The people who would be searching for a free copy would never have paid me for it anyways is how I look at it. I used to use Blasty to do mass DMCA reporting since I have over a dozen books to worry about, but that service doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve seen a few new pirate sites claiming to have my ebooks pop up since then, but I haven’t done much about it recently. I hope you are able to find a resolution.

message 2: by D.L. (new)

D.L. Lang (poetryebook) | 1 comments If they don't respond to you contacting them directly, you can look up their website host on and file a complaint via email with their host to have the specific website taken down that lists your book. They may listen if it comes from their hosting provider.

You can also request that Google remove their URL from its directory:

message 3: by J.B. (new)

J.B. Trepagnier (jbtrepagnier) A lot of these sites import book info from goodreads, but don't actually have the book. They are phishing sites or malware. Some of them claim to have pre-orders I've listed on goodreads, but haven't finished writing yet

message 4: by Emma, Group Admin (new)

Emma Jaye | 4067 comments Mod
pirate sites will always be there. And yep, some might have your books, other's won't.
As others have said, people who use those sites wouldn't have bought your book anyway. Therefore, you haven't lost any money.

Don't sweat it. They aren't worth your time or worry.

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