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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 11 comments Hiya!

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 11 comments NAME~ Nick Norishan
AGE~ 22
LOOKS~ Bark blonde hair, very short and small stubble, tall-ish, hazel eyes.

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 11 comments Okay

Nick drives his car up to the boarding home and parks it. Not well though, he seems to be distracted by something. Someone. Standing there. Nick isn't in a good mood, he's had a long day and came home late. He gets out his car and slams the door.
"Who are you?" he asks, not even bothering to say hello first.

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 11 comments (Beee????)

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 11 comments "Said who?" he snaps. Deep down, Nick knows he's being a jerk, but he's too tired to care. He strolls past Gabby like she's not there, still waiting for a reply.

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 11 comments "Hey," he says, turning around so he's just in of her.
"I don't know who you think you are, but this is still my house. Don't be such a cheek and I won't give you a hard time" he growls.

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 11 comments (Sorry, I had to go)
He sighs, "Look, I've had a bad day and now there is some random girl at my house. I have a right to be a little frustrated," says Nick. He feels angry. But this is for one main reason. Yes, Gabby has just stormed in the house like she owns it, but she is also ridiculously hot. He feels like he could just fall into her eyes. Not only is she hot, she's also really cute. When she gets feisty, Nick likes that. Stop he tells himself. He's just met her. For all he knows, she's a brat.

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 11 comments Nick sighs again, "You can stay here, as long as you don't cause trouble," he says. Nick turns to walk into the kitchen to see dinner laid out neatly on the table.

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 11 comments (Um, who's going to be the mom?)

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 11 comments (I will XD)

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 11 comments Nick glares at Gabby. How dare she take his chair on the table.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?" he asks her angrily, "Out of my seat. Now!"

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