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A Goan Holiday: Romance and Drama and What-Might-Have-Beens
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Anitha Perinchery (anithaperinchery) | 2 comments Hi

I bought 10 copies of A Goan Holiday as a test run for a Giveaway I'm soon doing. Needless to say, I don't need 10 copies of my own book. :D

It's been Kirkus reviewed, and I like to think it's good read.

DM me if you want a copy. Only condition is that you have to be a U.S. resident... Amazon rules. Oh, and I would ask you to redeem the coupon right away.

This is the blurb:

Mysterious Exes, Nosy Neighbours, the Cops at Her Door, and a Job She Never Asked For...
Anjali's Life Is One Hot Mess.

From the INTERPOL database:

Target 1: Anjali Joshi. Doctor; manages a rundown charity clinic in a Goan town which may or may not be a front for criminal operations.

Target 2: Rishabh Rastogi, the sizzling ex-husband whose name somehow keeps popping up in connection with the investigation into the clinic.

Target 3: Joe D’Acosta, the brooding former boyfriend who resurfaces after vanishing without a trace eleven years ago following a visit to the clinic.

Complication: Ha! As in just one complication? Let’s start with the fact both the exes want Anjali back. Then, there’s the nosy neighbour with the idea Anjali is a woman of loose character who needs to be driven out of town.

Operation: (going down the drain... kidding... maybe...) A Goan Holiday.

Romance and angst and what-might-have-beens!

Buy now and saunter into this world of beaches and sun and spice and drama.

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Monique (mfh2161) | 104 comments I'd like a copy! And thanks for the offer!

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Anitha Perinchery (anithaperinchery) | 2 comments Monique wrote: "I'd like a copy! And thanks for the offer!"

DMed you with link.

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