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Gem The most fairy-tale like part of the city. There is a place at the entrance to this area where you can pay to use a dragon to get to different places in this area.

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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) ((so pretty!))

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Talon and Clark enter the Fantasy part of the city and look around. They see a booth to rent a dragon and glace at each other. Talon and Clark laugh together, sure, like they need to rent a dragon, they are ones themselves, well part ones anyway. They take off and land on a roof so they can get a better picture of the city. They see in the distance there is a more Futuristic part of town. And then they see something that surprises them, an entrance to somewhere underground.

Talon and Clark lift off of the roof and land next to a shop. They go in. "Do you know what's underground?" Talon asks the shopkeeper.

"Are you new?" the shopkeeper sighs and they both nod. "Well, it's the underground part of the city that houses the taverns."

"Thanks!" Talon says and they both walk out of the door and head Underground.

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Anassa walked into the area. It was nice - the most similar to home. Still not very close, but at least it was something. She looked up, smiling slightly. It felt good not to have to think about attacks or leading.

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