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RP ONLY (where Talon used to live)

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While Talon was out flying and exploring for new places to stay for that day, she had a feeling she needed to go back to her old original home. Tayla lands at the entrance of the cave and looks around. From the time she moved out to now, the cave has collapsed and only her memories were what remained of it. She cries a few tears and sits down at the edge of the mountain. Her eyes are still a little watery and looks into the sky. She just stares and sits there a while.

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Lizzie Stone | 31 comments Mod
Clark looks at the other half-dragon and smiles as she sits there. He'd finally found her! He takes his chances and lands on the ledge beside Talon. "Hello miss. I couldn't help but notice that you have wings like me," he spreads his wings from behind him.

Talon looks up and sees another half-dragon. Finally, someone who was like her. "Hello, who are you?" she questions him.

"I'm Clark, you are?"

"Talon, nice to meet you," she says and holds out her hand.

Clark shakes rather gently and says, "So, are you the half-dragon that used to live here?"

"Yeah. With my mother, the dragon, and my father. They died so I've been looking for other half-dragons around the world. What about you?"

"I lived a ways away from here, somewhere out in the forest. My mother was a dragon too but my parents died when I was little. I found a place called Macedonia and figured I'd go there after I found another half-dragon. Then, I came across this cave and saw one of your scales on the ground and knew that a half-dragon lived here once. I waited and made camp on the other side of the mountain because I was sure you would come back to your old home. And here you are," Clark tells her. "So... do you want to go to Macedonia with me?" he asks.

"Sure, I've finally found you so I have nowhere to go. It seems like a lovely place we can live," Talon accepts.

"Great, let's get going then," Clark smiles. Talon nods and they lift off into the air and fly toward the direction of Macedonia.

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