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message 1: by Ross (new)

Ross Maclean (el_duderino) | 189 comments ISBN: 978-1-474-6022-6

I’m confused about the page counts on these editions (which appear to be the same edition, but neither with the correct page count.

The last page of the book edition with the ISBN above is 496 - and that is the end of the index. There is an introduction, then the main body of the book is numbered from page 1 and runs to page 417. Pages 419-421 are acknowledgements. Pages 423-480 are notes. Pages 481-482 are bibliography. Then 483-496 are the index.

On this edition here it’s listed as 512 pages (which presumably factors in the introduction):

This edition is 417 pages, which ends at the body of the main book but doesn’t factor in the numbered pages afterwards:

Hope that makes sense!


message 2: by Ekaterina (new)

Ekaterina Okuneva (okuneshku) | 3304 comments Hi!
Thank you for details, Worldcat agrees on 496 pages:
I corrected page count for isbn 9781474602266, and the duplicate with 417 pages will be merged soon.

message 3: by Ross (new)

Ross Maclean (el_duderino) | 189 comments Thank you!

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