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message 1: by Kree (new)

Kree | 4 comments Hello all! I've had the itch to do some beta reading, and I have some free time now that my own novel is away with my beta :) I'm a professional proofreader with an MA in creative writing, so I'd love to help out where I can. I'm happy to go over your manuscript for character, plot, and style, as well as point out any egregious grammatical errors I may encounter (not a line edit, but I certainly don't mind fixing and explaining things where I see them). Be prepared to take constructive criticism, please! I prefer projects 120k words and under (just so I can give it my full focus). PM me here if interested! I can probably take one or two.

message 2: by Ali (new)

Ali Benice | 130 comments Hello Kree,
Thank you for the kind offer.
I have two MSs that require beta reading. The query letters I've written regarding them are down below, all the information you'll need is in them. I hope one of them piques your interest. 

1. A Weekend Trip from the Afterlife

I’m seeking representation for my 49,400 word, pessimistic in a healthy dose, dark humour upper MG magical realism novel, A WEEKEND TRIP FROM THE AFTERLIFE.
In the year 2080, 14-year-old underachiever Joe finds a semi-translucent, sepia-coloured man in his room and panics. He assumes the stranger to be the holographic operating system he’s purchased, but his mother Lina figures out the man’s true nature; the spirit of Joe’s great-great-great-something-grandfather who died in the 1880s. The ghost wishes to see the world and know everything that happened after his passing.
Sepia man soon realizes that the world’s gone through natural disasters. Old skyscrapers are more than halfway below the poisonous, zombie fish lurking seawater. The sun rays are scorching, and the consumer culture is at its peak. Still, life goes on as if everything’s normal. Joe’s mocked by his crush, sepia man’s disappointed by the new era, and both have the worst time of their lives and deaths. Let down by humanity, the duo hit rock bottom. They talk about the past, the future, and books, taking strength from one another.
Joe starts an uprising in his class, thinking he’s been deceived by the adults about history throughout his entire life. Things get settled with a message sent by sepia man.
A WEEKEND TRIP FROM THE AFTERLIFE is a character-centric novel which leads our past and future into being disappointed with one another by bringing them together in strange a time. It speaks to children of ages 10 to 13 and has similarities to John Boyne's “The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket” and Terry Pratchett’s “Johnny Maxwell” books. The dynamic between my two MCs also resembles a light version of what the show “Rick and Morty” has. You may find sample illustrations I made for this book here:
I am a writer, translator and illustrator, mostly working on children’s literature. My books have been published thrice and awarded twice in Turkey by major publishers. This book has been published in 2014 only in Turkish, which would by no means harm any potential English sales (its rights are currently available globally).

2. The Master's Dungeon

I’m seeking representation for my 51,700 word upper MG thriller novel, THE MASTER’S DUNGEON. 
If there’s anything 13-year-old Eylem hates more than slumber parties, it’s the people who organize them. Having had enough of being marginalized due to her distant behaviours by the other girls, she decides to bring a new touch to the game of ‘truth or dare.’
She picks ‘dare’ and tricks the others into making her break into the weird old building nearby, where a weird old man resides. Eylem gets in the place with ease, but before long, it becomes apparent that the crooked building is a vile house of horrors. She soon encounters The Master; a half-octopus man who hides his true identity behind the mask of an old man. The two have a chat, and Eylem holds her head high before him. She hides her lack of self-confidence until the monster man puts her to sleep and cuts her into pieces. Eylem finds herself as a single head without a body when she recovers. She learns that her limbs are all scattered around in the lower levels of the dungeon, where different creatures lurk and lay claim on them.
Eylem has to find her missing body parts and retrieve them from the monsters by the use of her wits. She must outsmart the creatures and face her traumas before finding a way out of the dungeon while endeavouring to hold on to her sanity and, maybe, learning how to be a better person.
THE MASTER’S DUNGEON focuses on a heroine who is gallant enough to stand up against not just monsters, but against grown men as well. It speaks to children of ages 10 to 13. The book plays with the idea of and refers to the real horror behind fairytales and can be seen as a modern take on original, forgotten, and grimmer versions of such fables. And unlike fairytales, it aims to empower its readers instead of suppressing them.
I am a writer, translator and illustrator, mostly working on children’s literature. My books have been published thrice in Turkey, and this script has been awarded by a major Turkish publishing house named TUDEM in 2014. I have also made plenty of illustrations for the book.

Ali Benice

message 3: by Kree (new)

Kree | 4 comments Hi, Ali! I don't typically read MG, so I'm not sure I would be the best fit for your work (MG has a lot of different requirements than books for older readers and vice versa!). I wish you the best with your querying!

message 4: by Grace (new)

Grace Cooper | 6 comments Hello Kree, I have Paranormal Fantasy MS I require beta readers I am new to this and getting use to everything

It is
70,120 words
16 chapters I think I may need to split a chapter
358 pages

Blood & Soul
Paranormal Ghost fantasy. Follow Chastity through her journey through the spirit world as she meets Michael and some new friends. Chastity's life only just begun being 17 before she died will get a second chance at her life and dreams or remain a spirit forever. Will Chastity and Michael find a way to turn back the time before Chastity's human body dies leaving Chastity stuck in the spirit world forever. Michael teaches Chastity how the spirit world works as ghosts aren't bound to the laws of physics.How can they appear or disappear? How can they roam through our world. Chastity falls for Michael but her heart is with Evan as Chastity is forced to decide what she wants. If you like ghosts and how their world works and how life is lived after death. Do we really go on?Also the way of life & death cycle repeats as new people enter the spirit world and what's it like for spirit to watch new life be born. Michael makes it his mission to end the evil who hurt Chastity and as Michael has unfinished business with heartfelt scenes as well & surprises Read my book Blood & Soul to find out.

message 5: by Kree (new)

Kree | 4 comments Hello, Grace! Thank you for reaching out to me with your novel. This is such an interesting concept! Unfortunately, I've already had several people contact me about betaing their work, and I don't want to commit to another piece without first finishing theirs. However, if you don't have a tight deadline and would like me to keep you in mind for later, please PM me to let me know! I'll reach out when I'm finished with what I have.


message 6: by Grace (new)

Grace Cooper | 6 comments Hey Kree, no deadline. you can reach out to me when you are finished with the orthers

message 7: by Via (new)

Via Won (viawon) | 10 comments Hello Kree

I have a 50k Dark Fantasy YA/Sci fi romance MS. Would you like to beta read it?

I just completed the story.

Here’s the temporary blurb:


Levi leads a double life — as a man dealing with his unrequited love and a separate life hidden so well, he doesn’t even know exists, until his world is turned upside down in a blink of an eye.

A plague has broken out in Ivywood, turning countless people to flesh-eating mutants, but that’s not the worst of it. The inexplicable event has triggered something in Levi — something that reveals what he really is and how that came to be: a monster created to be worse than those feral mutants lurking in town.

Long-held secrets, erased memories, evil scientists, and a sadistic man from Levi’s past clash in this dark fantasy/sci-fi adrenaline-rushing romance

Please let me know if you can beta it. Thanks!

message 8: by Kree (new)

Kree | 4 comments Hello, Via! Thank you for reaching out to me with your novel. Unfortunately, I've already had several people contact me about betaing their work, and I don't want to commit to another piece without first finishing theirs. However, if you don't have a tight deadline and would like me to keep you in mind for later, please PM me to let me know! I'll reach out when I'm finished with what I have.


message 9: by Molly (new)

Molly Stegall (mollystegall) | 193 comments Hello, I have recently finished my Fantasy book: Ashes of Revenge (96k words). It's a YA Fantasy book and would love to have a Beta Reader(s) read and review it! If you would only be willing/able to do a chapter or two that is fine as well!
Thank you!

In the land of Fantacia, there are Five Kingdoms that rule over all, each having its own species: Farian, Monstro, Mundus, Shifter, and Telik. The Kingdoms are constantly at odds and have been on the brink of war for years. That threat becomes a reality when the Monstro King issues an ultimatum: side with him or go to war.

Hoping to prevent war and take down the worst of the Kingdoms - the Monstro, Mundus, and Shifter - is Raven, a Mundus that has three-fourths of her body burned and has a knack for throwing knives. Richard, a Farian with wings as dark as the night and an unmatched skillset with a sword. Colt, a Shifter with two different colored eyes who kills with more speed and accuracy than comprehendible.

Just when the plan begins to take effect, Raven runs into the entity of Death. Surprisingly, he wants Raven to succeed, but he'll make sure she'll suffer along the way. He forces the group into the Mundus Kingdom, a place Raven never wanted to see again unless it was nothing but ash. There, the group's secrets and pasts begin to slowly rise to the surface, threatening their plans. However, they still have one goal - revenge.

Please PM me :)

message 10: by Prabal (new)

Prabal Dweep | 13 comments Hello Kree,

I have a YA Fantasy of 92k words and I am looking for beta readers to have a look at it. Here's the blurb:

A world lit by seven suns, a world afraid of the dark, a world ruled by those with reins over death. That is the world where Kenneth is born. He is a boy from one of the farms who dreams to see a Sun. But their Sun is dying, its blissful rays ever weakening, giving way for the darkness to creep back in. It has already reached the border of Kenneth’s village.

The counts of Gelendria, devious and self-involved as always, conspire to overthrow the king, when they should unite to save the realm from the darkness that is just a breath away. Ripples of the conspiracy reaches Kenneth’s farm in the form of a tide threatening to sweep everything away.

While there are counts warring for dominance, slaves fighting for survival, the Earthlings are stirring again. The world was once theirs, and some are plotting to reclaim it back.

Please let me know if you are available to give it a go.

Thanks and Regards

message 11: by Carly (new)

Carly Huss (carlyhusswrites) | 13 comments Hi! My Contemporary YA Romance currently sits at 119K, and I need help cutting it down before I query it. I'd love your help!

Raleigh Cortez uses fiction to escape reality until her dream of making it as an actress in LA will allow her to escape her broken town and drunk mother permanently. In the meantime, she refuses to date Lakesboro boys. Because: A) They love football, country music, and themselves too much to love a girl the way her book-boyfriends do. B) She plans on being an actress in LA soon anyway. C) Lakesboro boys grow up to be Lakesboro men. Like her sleazy stepdad.
Brooks Overstreet is the epitome of all things Lakesboro boy. Or so Raleigh tries to tell herself, anyway. No, he is. He definitely is. For one, he wears his football injuries like medals. For two, he sneaks out of his room to see girls’ in the middle of the night (not that she’s paying attention to his bedroom window or anything…it’s just right there, across the street). For three, his biggest dream is to be the number one assembly line worker at Lakesboro Boots. With all the other Lakesboro boys. Only, no Lakesboro boy Raleigh’s ever met would give up his bro time to help a girl get her dream. And they don’t admit to liking chick books. And Lakesboro boys definitely don’t carry a girl’s mom upstairs because she drank herself to oblivion. Okay, so fine. Maybe Brooks is only quiet because he’s thinking deep thoughts. And maybe the way he pats down his cute little cowlick stuns her into silence—which is hard to do, by the way. But that does not mean she has a crush on him. Nope. Not at all. Not even a little bit.
A long time ago, Brooks learned there’s no point in dreaming. You dream that your dad might finally see you as something as more than a headache if you make the football team; now you just let him down if you lose. You dream that your mom will tell your dad to get lost; she just begs him to stay. You dream that you can stop your dad from hitting your mom if you get big enough; you just turn into the punching bag. No, dreams are for kids. Well, for kids and Raleigh. She’ll get her dreams. He’ll make sure of it. He’s just got to pray he doesn’t wind up dreaming of her while he does it. Because that would be the stupidest dream of all.

message 12: by Gerard (new)

Gerard O'Neill | 74 comments Hello Kree,

I have a 36k-word YA science fiction book completed and in need of your sharp eyes. I am looking for your suggestions on the plot, characters, story continuity, and generally where you think the story needs tightening or perhaps aspects that could be expanded on. This is an ARC of book 2 of the Atoma series. I can also send you the published Book 1 for a review if you wish.

Atoma is a 16-year-old girl, who along with a group of teenagers, all outcasts like her, finds herself on an odd-shaped planet in a star system light-years from Earth. None of them really had a choice but to accept a mission that was shrouded in secrecy.

Following a crash landing, Atoma and Nako are rescued by Ilyin, a young warrior about their age. They quickly discover something is badly amiss in this very strange world. Atoma lives to return to Earth to discover a home and her family erased from her memory, but now there’s Ilyin, and despite Nako's warning, Atoma finds herself increasingly drawn to the boy.

The coming-of-age, action-adventure with large helpings of suspense and thrills continues. You can find the link to Book 1 below.

Thank you
~ Gerard

message 13: by Wil (new)

Wil Cooper | 25 comments Hello, I’m in search of beta readers for the first draft of my 100k word sci-fi novel, LITTLE GREEN MEN, which is currently published on Wattpad.

As nineteen-year-old Alex Dash cares for his six-year-old twin siblings, Henry and Annabelle, he is forced to navigate a post-cataclysmic world full of hostile entities. Dogs that seem more aware than they ought to, sentient plant-life, nomads aimlessly wandering...
Rescued by a farming colony called Community, Alex meets Eva Monroe. She is mysterious, but also familiar somehow.
When Alex sees strange lights in the fields, he begins asking questions that no one seems willing to answer. Together, Alex and Eva discover a secret. A secret that no one in Community saw coming...or did they?

message 14: by E.L. (new)

E.L. Waring | 132 comments I love constructive criticism. I can't believe the people who ask I for it and then argue with you when you give it! Shouldn't they simply appreciate that you took the time to read their words and relate how you felt?
Anyway, I have a mystery/historical fiction novel I think you would really enjoy. So far, beta readers have given it 8-10 out of 10! I would love to hear your comments.

Have you heard of the Dunites? You probably haven't, but you no doubt have felt their effect on your life. Something else people don't know about is the secret they kept about something they found in the remote sand dunes they lived in.

You probably have heard and Ansel Adams, Cecil B Demille, and John Steinbeck? Unknown to most is they would never have been the famous individuals they became if it hadn't been for the Dunites, the special place they lived, and the secret they only knew. The Dunites lived in the miles of sand dunes found on the central coast of California back in the 1920s and 30s. At the time, they were well known, and might be likened to the Hippies of the 1960s, just well ahead of their time. They influenced dance, entertainment, politics and religion, influence we see as a normal part of culture today. Strange people don't know who they are anymore.

How did this small group of odd individuals have such an influence on society?

My manuscript explores these amazing people and the incredible place they lived by means of a modern day, semi fictional 14 year old boy. Tristen discovers his recently deceased father's hidden journal about the Dunites and how he tried to discover their secrets when he was a teenager, but soon finds his discoveries unknowingly continued until his death, perhaps the cause of his demise. The boy begins a search for these secrets in the miles of dunes, a search that intensifies with the discovery of an elusive old man said to be the remaining Dunite, and still living hidden there. The secret this old man knows has the power to change mankind!

There are also many historical and modern photos included, adding a further sense of reality, blurring the line between fiction and non-fiction. If this is a manuscript you would like to read, I would love to get your comments! Please let me know of your interest.


message 15: by E.L. (new)

E.L. Waring | 132 comments Dunites: Utopia
Blog by Tristan Gaines

This is the 3rd group of doctors today that have come to examine me in my hospital bed. I hate feeling like some lab rat that everyone wants to see. They should just post me on Instagram or something, it would be so much easier.

Why are all these doctors coming to see a 14-year-old kid? It has to do with how I’m recovering from my really bad injuries miraculously fast! They are even calling me the miracle kid.
So why would I write a blog about this? It’s because my doctor won’t believe me after I told him why I am healing so quickly, and people really need to know what happened and hear about what I found. What I discovered is going to affect everyone; it will affect you, your family, I imagine all of Mankind! But, if my doctor, seeing in person my completely impossible recovery doesn’t believe me, how could I ever get someone to believe me?
My only hope is to write down everything, because to have any possibility of believing me, you will need to hear the whole story. This story comes with a warning though, because the few people who know the things I am about to tell you were almost killed, plus what they found out changed them forever! Also, I hope can handle finding out that some things you have believed your whole life are not actually true, because if not, you’ll want to stop reading right here. But if you’re the kind of person who wants to find out the REAL truth, as unbelievable as it might seem, then I urge you to continue.

You’ve kept reading……..good! You may never forget this day, because what you are going to read here will no doubt change your life!

There are two reasons I’ve named this blog Dunites: Utopia. The first reason is because without the Dunites, there would be no incredible story and no truths to be revealed. The second reason? Well, you’re going to have to hear the whole story to understand that.

Before we begin, you need to know what a Dunite is. This old magazine article will explain:

message 16: by Jenelle (new)

Jenelle Theis | 64 comments Hi, I have a ya urban fantasy currently at 106,000 words I would love more eyes on. Heres a blurb:
Seventeen-year-old Shayleen Cooper prowls the backstreets of Somberset city, searching for a fight ring. Instead, she ends up discovering her world is full of monsters.
Now she must fight to free herself from the chains ensnaring her, in the dampness, in a silk dress. She uncovers a heinous plan to enslave mankind, and release hordes of grotesque creatures, threatening everyone she cares about, created by a viscous man known only as, “The Boss.”
But when he declares Shayleen his secret weapon, the startling truth of what she will become looms upon her.

If interested let me know and id love to send the first 3 chapters to see if it's a fit. Thanks

message 17: by Harlyn (new)

Harlyn I. Dalfnor (hidalfnor) | 75 comments Hi Kree.
I would like to have your professional eyes criticize and point out the wrongs in my work. The book is a supernatural YA that has about 65k words.

Here is the sypnosis.
Journals belonging to his mentally unstable mother unveil after Mr. Allen's death; his father, whose strictness resulted him leading a normal life. Joe, the seed of polar opposite parents gave in to the hauntings; setting his mind on the brink Mrs. Allen delved of feeding her obsession, till she breathed her last.
He embarks on an adventure in search of serpendalite alongside his students who share different views of paranormality: the three lovebirds.  

Serpendalite is a mirror that grants its founders wish and or let them relive a memory they so bad unconsciously want to. It got its name from the combination of Serpentine meaning hidden mysteries and Sodalite meaning truth.
I would love to hear from you. Thank you.

message 18: by Robin (new)

Robin Hammer | 23 comments Hi Kree! Thank you so much for offering your help and feedback as a beta reader! I don't know if you still have time, but I would love to get your thoughts on my 99,000 word YA science fiction novel.

Here's the blurb:

Seventeen-year-old Aedrik is poised to capture a spot in an elite special ops program when a treason charge leveled at him by his own father ends not only his dreams, but life as he knows it.

His embedded microchip is immediately blocked, stripping him of all technology usage rights and leaving him unable to function in their highly digitized society.

With no other way to prove his loyalty, he’s forced to do the unimaginable: journey beyond city limits to the heart of the “unchipped,” a tech-despising camp of degenerates who murdered his brother, to pull off an impossible heist and retrieve a weapon the government would pay any price to reclaim.

The conspiracy theories and constant stream of anti-city propaganda from the reprobates are to be expected, but nothing could prepare him for the truth about the object he’s there to collect.

Armed with this deadly new information he was never meant to possess, Aedrik finds that achieving his greatest desire—to become a decorated, nationally acclaimed soldier like his fallen brother—isn’t as simple as following the rules. To be a true hero, he will have to let go of the strict regulations that have always defined him, surrender his honorable future, and possibly his life, in order to dismantle a plot that could doom the entire population to perpetual bondage.

Let me know if you’d be interested. Thanks so much again for your time!


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