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liv (visitkingdoms) | 9 comments Mod
Hey guys! I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy!!
Sorry that this is a few days late. I have to be better at remembering things like this. Setting a weekly alarm now!
The book that was chosen by our poll is Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng! YAY!

Some great news that will make this club so much easier on us all: a friend of mine has shown me a site that has the PDFs of thousands of book for FREE including this one! So, if you already own a copy or were planning on going to your local library or book shop then that’s great! BUT if you’re cool with reading online, you can find a PDF here:


Start reading between now and Sunday! The first impressions discussion post will be going up then for us to talk about the first 5 chapters over the course of next week. Take your time! It’s a weekly discussion, so as long as you read the 5 chapters before the following Sunday, you’re all caught up. :)

message 2: by Kit (last edited Aug 05, 2020 12:46PM) (new)

Kit (homoarigato) | 7 comments YAY

just to clarify, when you say between now and sunday do you mean 8/5-8/9 or 8/5-8/16?

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Valentina (puginbaby) | 4 comments Exciting! Thank you so much Liv's friend for the PDF, very useful

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chloe | 3 comments the 9th or the 16th?

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Kenly CG (kenlycg) | 7 comments Thank you! So cool we have that website

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liv (visitkingdoms) | 9 comments Mod
HEY GUYS!! Sorry, that was super unclear. Our first discussion topic will be posted on Sunday 8/9. Since discussions are weekly occurrences, you have between then and the following Sunday, 8/16, to post your thoughts/first impressions on the first 5 chapters once the topic is up. I hope that clears things up!!!

ALSO-- feel free to read further. The range of the first 5 chapters is just in place to keep anyone from spoiling anything other members may not have reached yet. WOOHOO! HAPPY READING!

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