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message 1: by Kate (new)

Kate Here you can chat about other musicals besides Hamilton! :)

message 2: by Dalia (new)

Dalia | 56 comments Mod
I am obsessed with musicals. Recently got super into Waitress and Come From Away

message 3: by andrea (new)

andrea (taylor’s version) | 73 comments Ooh I’ve always wanted to watch Waitress (I love the soundtrack) and Come From Away seems cool as well. I would’ve gone to watch it as the tour cast was in my town but coronavirus happened 😞I was recently in a show where we performed songs from Hamilton, In the Heights, and Moana so I’ve recently become super obsessed with Hamilton and In the Heights. I’d have to say In the Heights is my favorite musical but Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen are close seconds.

daughterofathenacarli | 40 comments I love TLT the musical!

message 5: by lasanya !! (last edited Nov 10, 2020 12:17AM) (new)

lasanya !! (vanilla_spirit) | 48 comments Guys I've been listening too way too much Hamilton. I LISTEN TO HELPLESS DAILY.

message 7: by Abby {On Hiatus For A Few Weeks Or Months} (last edited Nov 10, 2020 06:09AM) (new)

Abby {On Hiatus For A Few Weeks Or Months} (yourclassicintrovertbooknerd) | 383 comments h e l p ..... m e

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) Ummm . . . Six? Mean girls? Beetlejuice? In the Heights? Come From Away? Waitress? Hairspray? Matilda? Wicked? DEH?

Abby {On Hiatus For A Few Weeks Or Months} (yourclassicintrovertbooknerd) | 383 comments I have "seen" DEH, but I can't find anywhere to watch the others, and a few are inappropriate for my age, or my parents just don't want me watching them

Abby {On Hiatus For A Few Weeks Or Months} (yourclassicintrovertbooknerd) | 383 comments I mainly wanna see In The Heights and Be More Chill

message 11: by ƦƛƔЄƝ (new)

ƦƛƔЄƝ (daydreamer18) mean girls aint that great

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) Ahhhh hehe I listen to the soundtracks on repeat for weeks before I "watch" the musicals, so I belt the songs with the recording. But yeah, I get that. My parents did the same thing when I was younger.

message 14: by lasanya !! (last edited Nov 13, 2020 02:04AM) (new)

lasanya !! (vanilla_spirit) | 48 comments Thanks!
Also Im suggesting to all of you:
*drum roll pleeeeasee*
(view spoiler)
Yes, not that famous. Not as good as Hamilton. But really underrated. (Into the Woods actually isn't THAT good but still pretty nice)

message 15: by lasanya !! (new)

lasanya !! (vanilla_spirit) | 48 comments Here's meh favorite songs btw:
Into the Woods (Prologue) and This Is Me

(on second thought I love all the songs in The Greatest Showman and lol sorry if u dont have spotify)

Abby {On Hiatus For A Few Weeks Or Months} (yourclassicintrovertbooknerd) | 383 comments I really Like A Million Dreams from the Greatest Showman. I feel like writes, or just creative people can relate to it

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