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Joni | 5 comments I read this book between 2014 and 2018 on Kindle, but at that point there was a sequel, because it had the first chapter as a teaser at the end. The title may have the word "shatter" in it, and the book cover is gray/misty. It is either YA or A fiction, but is clean of sexual references.

It is about a human girl who goes to London on a trip with a friend (or her friend invites her, or it's a school exchange program). While there, she gets lost on the streets and attacked by a vampire. She is then rescued by a second vampire, who takes her back to her friend's house.

She becomes friends with this vampire and his family, and learns about their past and how they became vampires, which was sometime during the Regency period. At one point, she describes what desserts taste like to the vampire guy's family because vampires can't taste anything except blood very well. She also goes to a ball at their place, where one of his siblings attacks her on accident because she was human and smelled good.

She likes dressing in regency clothes (dresses, skirts, etc). When a vampire gets hungry, his skin gets all pale and his eyes get silvery. Vampires can smell human's blood.

At the end, the vampire guy goes to a cave to find a cure, but he gets captured by the bad vampires, who starve him and set a trap for the girl. She comes, and he almost kills her, but she bites him and actually cures him.

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Joni | 5 comments FOUND IT!! Fateful by Cheri A. Schmidt

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